Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wanna be warm

Gezzz,,,,, its freezing herein Australia ,, yupp,, we are feeling the chilly night and Winter for sure is gonna be cold ,, and the worst part is our new house have no heater!!! Its absolutely ridiculous ,, we know that its gonna be cold here in the mountaiusn but not this COLD,, kids are wearing scarves, beanies and while I'm typing , my fingers are slipping because I am wearing hand gloves ,, all rugged up ,,bu we cannot do much but to just layer our clothes ,, don't know about the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning ,,, it will cost us a fortune,,
Ugg boots are out and big fleecy jacket is a must ,,but when I saw this really nice shoes ,, I just feel in love with this,, this will look good for my hubby an Ateliers Arthur Ourasi T Lifestyle shoes,, really cool .....

My big girl will love the Nike Lunar shoes,,, this will suit her style ,, and as for me ,, I will be happy and warm in my boots .....

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