Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trying to be warm

We are experiencing  a cold snap here in Sydney ,,,  gezzz  I am fee zing and to think that we just moved in to our new house ,, downside is we don't have a heating system installed yet ,, originally ,it was planned that we will have a gas fireplace  but due to constraint budget ,, it was not possible to have it ...  Our house is cold ,, it is a timber cladding house that looks like a Queenslander house ,, we have our garage underneath ,, so there is a breeze coming from below ,, although we have fabulous timber flooring , I love the look of our floor ,, we could have opted for laminated flooring  from the laminate floor    but I think we did a great job choosing our black butt flooring.

 Now all we have to do ,, is to get a potable heater ,, the cold breeze is just ridiculous at the moment ...  we are walking around the house with beanies and thick jackets .  This morning we installed some curtains that have thermal backing ,, it did help a little but we need to make it warmer..  It is still Autumn here and I can only imagine how cold it can be on Winter time ....  brrrrrrr.....


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