Thursday, May 12, 2011

Still watching old shows

My hubby and I are so lame ,,, we are so left out and still watching the ER ,, we love the show so much ,, when we moved to our rental place about 2 years ago ,,, we didn't have access to Foxtel ,, so we missed most of the episodes of ER,, now that we are in our new house and have the luxury of pay TV we are watching re runs of ER on HITS channel.. gezzz,,,, ER is finished ,, yeah since 2009 hahahah I just found out by Goggle ,, but good thing because we watched the last episodes,, now I'm sad ,, I will surely miss the show ,, it was such a good show ,,, arrgggg too much ER re runs and that is affecting me ,,, ,, I need that before I end up on ER in our local hospital ,, hmmm,, now what else to watch .. let me Sex and the city reruns or Seinfield ... I need to get a life ......... its so out of date ,, its embarassinvg,,, ok hand s up people if you love show !!!

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