Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still on my P plate

OK ... I am way too old to be driving on a Green P plate ...... yes me..... I've been on my green P plate for almost 3 years now ... I admit that I am lazy to take the exam ,,, People ,, I still have to take a computer exam to get my full license ,, I always say I have no time to study and read the book ,, I don't want to rock in the RTA office and get the exams without any preparation ,, waste of money as I say,,, but my daughter who is already on a learners plate is urging me to take the exams,, yyup she need someone to be with her while she drives ,, gezzz,, I guess Im not ready for that ,, teaching my child to drive... 1st of all ,, I'll be very nervous to do that and that I am not a good teacher ... so she would have to get some few lessons from the Driving instructor first.
Aside from that I still need to renew the rego soon and the car needed a service ,, insurance is up soon and needed to get a reasonable car insurance quote just like from Arizona car insurance ,, anyways ,, to much stuff to do ....

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