Friday, March 4, 2011

relaxing mode

Ahhhh Weekend ...!! I love weekends ,, time to unwind, relax and enjoy the day with the kids ..

Mopped my floor today,, have to do it before kids come home from school ,,,
I'm quite pleased because I finished taking out the boxes from my spare room and unpacked them and put them away,, the spare room is now bare and we need to get the bed from the garage so that the room will be ready as a guest room ... OK crossed out the list ,,, hmm whats next.. oh gezzz 101 things left to do ...

Busy unpacking and decorating the house thats my priority at the moment , hubby took all the bills and paper works to his work place,, he said he will start doing the payments online ,,, that's nice of him ,, taking the load off me , so that I can concentrate on doing things at home ..
The business is doing OK ,, not too busy but not too quiet ,, helping us in our everyday life and expenses no need to look on buying a franchise or selling the business,, not yet ....
anyway ,, here I am having a sip of wine and getting ##ll^6%%&&....
gezzz what am I m up too ???
Have a good weekend everyone!!!


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