Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pick me up .....

Ahhh,, birthday parties for my kids are finished,, I spent most of my days lurking around sites and party places to get ideas and inspirations on how to organize their parties ,, I still have heaps of stuff to do about the pictures to share to everyone ,, My lil boys 8th birthday party was a success,, he loved every minute of it ,, although the big inflatable slide was cancelled because of the weather ,, it was pouring down rain and it was non stop ; the party was still good.. I just did some activities for the kids inside the house ,, they did not roam around the property because of the mud .

I will surely get all the photos and post them soon,,,
This is my son with his favourite friend ,, my 16 year old bf , he likes playing with B1 and B2 (my youngest kids) and the kids just love to be picked up on his shoulders and be tossed around ,,

yupp,, he is buff and he's kinda look like that he is on creatine powder ,, or some sort of protein shake ,,, hehehe ,, anyway ,, he is such a good young fella and really have a good manners ,, so no problems with that ....


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