Friday, March 4, 2011

Paper work

Now that we are already in the new house ,, we definitely have to settle things for the house , we already received a quotation for our home insurance, hubby said I have to look for our appraisal for my personal belongings so that we can file them all and see how much are they ,, gezz,, where did I put that box?????

Now that we are slowly trying to settle in ,, I have to start getting through all our paper works which is piling really high ... Life insurance is also important since we have a big mortage we wanted to make sure that everything will OK,, so we are looking at the risk ,, so hoping that hubby will be eligible to get the life insurance ,, anyway not just the insurance but also some important paper works for the council and the bank ,, so here I am tyring to rummage through my piles and sorting them all out ,, it might take me days to go through them and FILE them ... yes I have to be organized this time ....


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