Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Weekends

Our weekends are spent at home ,, we have tons of stuff to finish in the new house ,, my ever dearest handy hubby tackled the laundry last weekend ,, he tiled the whole laundry ,, amazing !!! a cabinet maker and now a tiler!!! I was so happy to see the finished work and made such a big difference ,, the laundry is huge!!!!! just like an ordinary kitchen .... I'll post the pics next time so that readers can have an idea on how big it turned out ,, and Im loving it!!!

This is the pic of our house ,,as I look at it , it seems like the houses in Queenslander with a verandah ,, its not yet finished we still havent painted the railing and there is still a missing stairs infront ,, but we will not put the stairs yet because it is s huge job and will cost big $$$ so we can wait ....
We also have huge yard to excavate and to level and that would be a budget killer ... so bit by bit doing everything we can afford and we can just DIY .
But I dont mind staying at home and doing things ,,we enjoy it and the kids just love staying home

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