Friday, March 11, 2011

Not yet done

This afternoon I received a really nice compliment from a friend that I looked like a lost weight ,, yeah you serious I asked???? I told her must be because of the STRESS of building and moving the last few months ,, when we moved last month ,, I just felt that I ve done an intense workout ,, it was physically and emotional draining ,, I dont need adapexin-p anymore just to loose weight ,, its all natural ,, imagine lifting heavy boxes and going up and down the steps of the rental property aside from a cleaning the whole house ....
Thank goodness it was over ,, I just had enough of the moving,, but hey I'm not yet finished unpacking the boxes which most of them are stored in the overflowing garage ,, so that means I have to go through all of them and sort them out ,, that is also hard ,, emotional attachment to things ,, that is hard to deal with ,, so I might need a friend to help me decide ,, a friend that can tell me that's it ok to let go of things...... HELP !!!!

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