Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Need to purge

Yess...... last weekend we definitely felt the Autumn chill,,, the new place that we've moved in is located in a valley ,, so we can really feel the chill,,, misty in the morning and with a wide open place ,,lake in front of the house and cows crazing in the meadow... lovely ,, but cold .. anyway ,, this morning I started taking out the winter clothes out of the boxes ,,, I started with my lil Missy's clothes and still not yet finished ,, have to tackle it again tomorrow,,, I also need to do mine,, I still have clothes in the boxes which are kept in the garage ,, its been awhile ,, haven't taken that out since we moved to the rental place ,, I might find some hip hop clothes there ,,, hmmm not that I wanted to wear em ,,,, I guess it wont be good for my age wearing hip hop clothes ,, might give it to my big daughter ,,, anyway ,, I still have to tackle them and do some serious purging and I need to update my wardrobe ,,,, need to dress for my age ,, since I just turned big 4 owww ....


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