Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still on my P plate

OK ... I am way too old to be driving on a Green P plate ...... yes me..... I've been on my green P plate for almost 3 years now ... I admit that I am lazy to take the exam ,,, People ,, I still have to take a computer exam to get my full license ,, I always say I have no time to study and read the book ,, I don't want to rock in the RTA office and get the exams without any preparation ,, waste of money as I say,,, but my daughter who is already on a learners plate is urging me to take the exams,, yyup she need someone to be with her while she drives ,, gezzz,, I guess Im not ready for that ,, teaching my child to drive... 1st of all ,, I'll be very nervous to do that and that I am not a good teacher ... so she would have to get some few lessons from the Driving instructor first.

Aside from that I still need to renew the rego soon and the car needed a service ,, insurance is up soon and needed to get a reasonable car insurance quote just like from Arizona car insurance ,, anyways ,, to much stuff to do ....

Pick me up .....

Ahhh,, birthday parties for my kids are finished,, I spent most of my days lurking around sites and party places to get ideas and inspirations on how to organize their parties ,, I still have heaps of stuff to do about the pictures to share to everyone ,, My lil boys 8th birthday party was a success,, he loved every minute of it ,, although the big inflatable slide was cancelled because of the weather ,, it was pouring down rain and it was non stop ; the party was still good.. I just did some activities for the kids inside the house ,, they did not roam around the property because of the mud .

I will surely get all the photos and post them soon,,,
This is my son with his favourite friend ,, my 16 year old bf , he likes playing with B1 and B2 (my youngest kids) and the kids just love to be picked up on his shoulders and be tossed around ,,

yupp,, he is buff and he's kinda look like that he is on creatine powder ,, or some sort of protein shake ,,, hehehe ,, anyway ,, he is such a good young fella and really have a good manners ,, so no problems with that ....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Need to purge

Yess...... last weekend we definitely felt the Autumn chill,,, the new place that we've moved in is located in a valley ,, so we can really feel the chill,,, misty in the morning and with a wide open place ,,lake in front of the house and cows crazing in the meadow... lovely ,, but cold .. anyway ,, this morning I started taking out the winter clothes out of the boxes ,,, I started with my lil Missy's clothes and still not yet finished ,, have to tackle it again tomorrow,,, I also need to do mine,, I still have clothes in the boxes which are kept in the garage ,, its been awhile ,, haven't taken that out since we moved to the rental place ,, I might find some hip hop clothes there ,,, hmmm not that I wanted to wear em ,,,, I guess it wont be good for my age wearing hip hop clothes ,, might give it to my big daughter ,,, anyway ,, I still have to tackle them and do some serious purging and I need to update my wardrobe ,,,, need to dress for my age ,, since I just turned big 4 owww ....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Weekends

Our weekends are spent at home ,, we have tons of stuff to finish in the new house ,, my ever dearest handy hubby tackled the laundry last weekend ,, he tiled the whole laundry ,, amazing !!! a cabinet maker and now a tiler!!! I was so happy to see the finished work and made such a big difference ,, the laundry is huge!!!!! just like an ordinary kitchen .... I'll post the pics next time so that readers can have an idea on how big it turned out ,, and Im loving it!!!

This is the pic of our house ,,as I look at it , it seems like the houses in Queenslander with a verandah ,, its not yet finished we still havent painted the railing and there is still a missing stairs infront ,, but we will not put the stairs yet because it is s huge job and will cost big $$$ so we can wait ....
We also have huge yard to excavate and to level and that would be a budget killer ... so bit by bit doing everything we can afford and we can just DIY .
But I dont mind staying at home and doing things ,,we enjoy it and the kids just love staying home

Friday, March 11, 2011

Not yet done

This afternoon I received a really nice compliment from a friend that I looked like a lost weight ,, yeah you serious I asked???? I told her must be because of the STRESS of building and moving the last few months ,, when we moved last month ,, I just felt that I ve done an intense workout ,, it was physically and emotional draining ,, I dont need adapexin-p anymore just to loose weight ,, its all natural ,, imagine lifting heavy boxes and going up and down the steps of the rental property aside from a cleaning the whole house ....

Thank goodness it was over ,, I just had enough of the moving,, but hey I'm not yet finished unpacking the boxes which most of them are stored in the overflowing garage ,, so that means I have to go through all of them and sort them out ,, that is also hard ,, emotional attachment to things ,, that is hard to deal with ,, so I might need a friend to help me decide ,, a friend that can tell me that's it ok to let go of things...... HELP !!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Paper work

Now that we are already in the new house ,, we definitely have to settle things for the house , we already received a quotation for our home insurance, hubby said I have to look for our appraisal for my personal belongings so that we can file them all and see how much are they ,, gezz,, where did I put that box?????

Now that we are slowly trying to settle in ,, I have to start getting through all our paper works which is piling really high ... Life insurance is also important since we have a big mortage we wanted to make sure that everything will OK,, so we are looking at the risk ,, so hoping that hubby will be eligible to get the life insurance ,, anyway not just the insurance but also some important paper works for the council and the bank ,, so here I am tyring to rummage through my piles and sorting them all out ,, it might take me days to go through them and FILE them ... yes I have to be organized this time ....

relaxing mode

Ahhhh Weekend ...!! I love weekends ,, time to unwind, relax and enjoy the day with the kids ..

Mopped my floor today,, have to do it before kids come home from school ,,,
I'm quite pleased because I finished taking out the boxes from my spare room and unpacked them and put them away,, the spare room is now bare and we need to get the bed from the garage so that the room will be ready as a guest room ... OK crossed out the list ,,, hmm whats next.. oh gezzz 101 things left to do ...

Busy unpacking and decorating the house thats my priority at the moment , hubby took all the bills and paper works to his work place,, he said he will start doing the payments online ,,, that's nice of him ,, taking the load off me , so that I can concentrate on doing things at home ..
The business is doing OK ,, not too busy but not too quiet ,, helping us in our everyday life and expenses no need to look on buying a franchise or selling the business,, not yet ....
anyway ,, here I am having a sip of wine and getting ##ll^6%%&&....
gezzz what am I m up too ???
Have a good weekend everyone!!!

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