Sunday, February 27, 2011

Watched his show

Last February 17,, hubby and I went to see Michael Buble's Crazy Love concert at the Acer Arena , we've seen his concert 3 years ago and we enjoyed it so much and last year when the Crazy Love concert tickets went on sale I had to book early ,, but the Feb 14 concert date was sold out quick,, so we I ended up getting the the February 17 show ,, although we were seated on the side , we still have a good view of the stage and my oh my this guy is so amazing!!!!!!

Love it soo much ,, people grooved and danced and laughed ... He is such a total performer ,, aside from looking trim and fit doesn't need a phentirmene 37.5mg because he is just looking so buff,,, engaged to a Brazilian model and for sure he is so in love & keeping him motivated to stay in fit ...
Took a picture with the Iphone & I know it's not clear , I didn't bring a proper camera because my hubby always get annoyed whenever I just take pics,, he would always tell me to relax and just enjoy the show .........


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