Saturday, February 26, 2011

1st day in the new house

Bianca's bedroom
Master's bedroom
Kitchen and dining area
These are the pictures of the new house ,, 1st morning when we moved in ... ahhhhhh lots and lots of things to unpack , organize and decorate .. I am already sleeping late , especially last week because it was my lil girl's birthday party which made me all stressed up ,, I have no time for myself now ,, I was looking at the mirror, which by the way , just a small mirror because we don't have a full length mirror yet and the 1st thing I noticed was the wrinkles on my face ,,, Oh my!!!!! cant be!!!!! I have to look for the best wrinkle cream reviews ,, I need to be quick and try to fight the 1st sign of ageing ...... Relaxxxxx....... slow down .......... these are the things that I need to do .....

Ok ,, have to go and polish my floor.... hahahah


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