Sunday, February 27, 2011

My new oven

This is my new Oven ,, I have 7burner and 2 ovens and I am loving it !!!!! It is an ILVE freestanding oven with Tepanyaki plate and can be changed into a grill,,, I've used it 5-6 times already and for sure I'll be whipping up good meals with it..

I like cooking and I enjoy it especially making meals for my family . Its better than having take away dinners all the time and I try to make it fresh and healthy ..
No need for sensa scam and those diet pills . But honestly , its hard to maintain it but I am doing my best .

Watched his show

Last February 17,, hubby and I went to see Michael Buble's Crazy Love concert at the Acer Arena , we've seen his concert 3 years ago and we enjoyed it so much and last year when the Crazy Love concert tickets went on sale I had to book early ,, but the Feb 14 concert date was sold out quick,, so we I ended up getting the the February 17 show ,, although we were seated on the side , we still have a good view of the stage and my oh my this guy is so amazing!!!!!!

Love it soo much ,, people grooved and danced and laughed ... He is such a total performer ,, aside from looking trim and fit doesn't need a phentirmene 37.5mg because he is just looking so buff,,, engaged to a Brazilian model and for sure he is so in love & keeping him motivated to stay in fit ...
Took a picture with the Iphone & I know it's not clear , I didn't bring a proper camera because my hubby always get annoyed whenever I just take pics,, he would always tell me to relax and just enjoy the show .........

Gelato madness

Love those Gelato.... How about the Chili chocolate, Fererro Rocher an all those exciting flavours , took the picture at the Smelly Cheese at the Hunter Valley , I had the Pistachio flavour and my boy who loves to eat Mint Chocolate was beaming with happiness .

It was nice day to eat Gelato with a high temperature of 43 during that weekend , its better to cool down ,,,

They say that Gelato is less fattening than the normal ice cream , but I guess if you eat too much , then it wont be good , I have to cut down on carbs and too much fat or I might end up on looking for the best weight loss supplements .

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Girl

My lil sweet pea turned 6 last week.... Time flies so fast and my lil miss is growing quick ,,, she is such a bundle of joy for us.. I can clearly remember when I was pregnant with her I didn't experience any morning sickness, felt healthy even looked at some prenatal vitamins reviews my pregnancy was really an easy one...

Not only she is cute, but also a clever little cookie , she loves to dance, read and play with her toys but most of all she is affectionate and loving girl...
Happy Birthday lil possum...

1st day in the new house

Bianca's bedroom
Master's bedroom
Kitchen and dining area
These are the pictures of the new house ,, 1st morning when we moved in ... ahhhhhh lots and lots of things to unpack , organize and decorate .. I am already sleeping late , especially last week because it was my lil girl's birthday party which made me all stressed up ,, I have no time for myself now ,, I was looking at the mirror, which by the way , just a small mirror because we don't have a full length mirror yet and the 1st thing I noticed was the wrinkles on my face ,,, Oh my!!!!! cant be!!!!! I have to look for the best wrinkle cream reviews ,, I need to be quick and try to fight the 1st sign of ageing ...... Relaxxxxx....... slow down .......... these are the things that I need to do .....

Ok ,, have to go and polish my floor.... hahahah

Friday, February 25, 2011

Im back

I've been extremely busy the past few weeks ,, we just moved in to our new house!! Hooray!!! but Booo for our Internet provider because it took them 2 weeks to switch my net back ... I just hated it because I missed blogging so much,, its hard not having an Internet connection .. anyway,, here I am like a mad woman trying to catch up with all my net activities,, either doing bills, checking mails , face book and blog hopping...

A beautiful place ,, serene and all I can hear are chirping birds and it reminds me to check on some bird baths because I am seriously thinking of putting one in my backyard... Photos next time ....

My Handy Man

Finally we're here at our new home but we still have a lot to do. Unpacking and decorating the whole house are just some of the things on our list. Thanks to my handy man (the hubby) who mostly did the finishing on our house. His talent, cutting tools and brilliant eye in home improvement makes our home more precious and special.

He can make any kitchen fab, paint and do lots of house renovations. How'd I wish my older bro was here to give him also a hand.

High Incidence of Skin Cancer

We can't hide the fact that sun's ultraviolet rays can pose a danger to our health particularly our skins. We have heard of skin cancers that struck a lot of people who expose themselves to much under the sun or those have family history of skin cancers.

Australia has high rates of skin cancer in the world and it's very alarming. It's always advice that aussies need to wear hat and sunscreens everytime they go out for outdoor fun. With the high incidence of skin cancer, people are already became aware and scared but those that still wanted to have darker skin just use indoor tanning lotion that can imitate the tan glow.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to School

My lil miss and big boy are now back to school and I already miss them when they are in school. I'm sure they are having a good time in school learning new things and finding new friends. I also have to make sure that dear son's school backpack and lil' daughter's bag are ready with their school stuff and foods before hitting the door. I always prepare a special bento lunch for them and they always love them.

The kids grow so fast and in no time, they'll be in highschool and college.

Too Many Things To Do

Just like what I have said in my previous posts, the house is almost done. There are still heaps of work in the kitchen and other rooms in the house but I know we'll finish all of them in due time as we're already excited to move. Our target month to move is February and I'm already packing some things.

The boxes are almost ready and I'm making sure that I'll not leave anything behind. I also need to put labels on each box so that I'll not have a hard time thinking what's inside. I already have boxes with some of my clothes there (sorry no sexy costumes in them), toys of the kids, some chinas and hubby's stuff. Oh boy, packing is one of the hardest thing to do but I need to do that asap as I'm excited to be at our new constructed house.

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