Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Crowned princess Mary of Denmark gave birth to twins a boy and a girl last week .

Denmark's Princess Mary and Prince Frederik has welcomed the birth of twins, a boy and a girl, in Copenhagen.

Prince Frederik was quoted as saying the twins were ''a miracle times two''.

According to Danish media, the new boy was born at 10.30am (about 8.30pm Sydney time), weighed 2.67kg and was 47cm long, while the girl was born almost half an hour later at 10.56am and weighed in at 2.55kg and was 46cm.

A twins for Princess Mary ,,, for sure her hands will be full looking after the kids they also have Prince Christian and three-year-old Princess Isabella ,, but I guess the royal family will have helpers , but for the Princess to look after the twins personal needs ,, like feeding ,, hmm,, wonder if she will be breast feeding the twins ? that is the most wonderful thing to give ,all natural,, with twins to feed she might wanna know how to increase breast milk production .

Denmark and Australia are all happy to hear the birth of the twins ...

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