Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missed the shows


JANUARY 19,20,21,23

Oprah Winfrey and 302 of her audience members travel Down Under for “Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure,” a four-part television event fast-tracked from the US and airing on Wednesday January 19, Thursday January 20, Friday January 21 and Sunday January 23 at 7:30pm on Network TEN.
Oprah first surprised the audience members with the trip during the “Oprah” show 25th season premiere. Now, they’ve all just returned from Australia and are ready to share their ultimate adventure with viewers around the world.

Grrrr,,, I missed the January 20th and 21st episodes and I was trying to search the channel 10 site if I can watch the shows that I missed ,, too bad ,, its not available ,,, where is Foxtel IQ when I need it !!! I also tried to looked at Oprah's site but only bits and pieces were shown ,, hmmm wonder if they are going to replay the show ????
Ok I will keep in mind the last episode,, I've been distracted by surfing the net ,, checking my emails which has been receiving heaps of mail about sales jobs , promotional emails, how to increase my bust size , junk mails , and some random emails from a Prince of wotwot !! yeah yeah,, delete delete.......
anyway , have to check again the mails and find out if its already full,, how can I stop it!!!???

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