Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missed the shows


JANUARY 19,20,21,23

Oprah Winfrey and 302 of her audience members travel Down Under for “Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure,” a four-part television event fast-tracked from the US and airing on Wednesday January 19, Thursday January 20, Friday January 21 and Sunday January 23 at 7:30pm on Network TEN.
Oprah first surprised the audience members with the trip during the “Oprah” show 25th season premiere. Now, they’ve all just returned from Australia and are ready to share their ultimate adventure with viewers around the world.

Grrrr,,, I missed the January 20th and 21st episodes and I was trying to search the channel 10 site if I can watch the shows that I missed ,, too bad ,, its not available ,,, where is Foxtel IQ when I need it !!! I also tried to looked at Oprah's site but only bits and pieces were shown ,, hmmm wonder if they are going to replay the show ????
Ok I will keep in mind the last episode,, I've been distracted by surfing the net ,, checking my emails which has been receiving heaps of mail about sales jobs , promotional emails, how to increase my bust size , junk mails , and some random emails from a Prince of wotwot !! yeah yeah,, delete delete.......
anyway , have to check again the mails and find out if its already full,, how can I stop it!!!???

Have to do it...

I was speaking to a college friend of mine who lives in the same suburb as me about getting back to work ,, we both graduated Nursing overseas but unfortunately wasn't able to practice our profession because of our commitment to our families ,, being a stay home mum is wonderful ,, we were able to looked after the kids during their infant stage ,, but now that they are school age kids ,, I guess its time to make a change ,, Nursing would be a demanding job and would be hard to get a good shift , so we are thinking about looking at some medical assistant school . I would like to work in a doctors office and assist or do some paper work in the doctors office , It wont be as hard as working in the hospital , so I reckon I might look into it ..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm busy trying to organize my lil Missy's 6th birthday party,,, 3 more weeks and I'm still gathering some inspirations for the Fairy Party,, all the pretty stuff and the a lovely way to decorate the event,,, the dessert table is the thing thats been brewing in the blog land ,, heaps of them,, by theme and by colours .. I just love looking at those beautiful tables full of SWEETS ,, yup there goes the diet ,, throw it out of the window because I am inspired to whipped up my own dessert ,, I'll be starting to practice making decorated cookies and cupcakes ,, so no more apidexin for me ,,, I have to taste and try my creations to get it right on the day ...

Cookies by Fresh cut flours

Table setting by Sharnel of My life My loves

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being 40 and not Fab!

Now that I am 40 ,, there are things that I've been noticing about me,,, 1st of all feeling a bit gloomy ,, it must be the mid life crisis as they say ,, I try to be optimistic about things in life ,, but with the stress of building our house and now I am in the process of putting things back in the boxes getting reay to move ,, the stress level is so high ,, every now and then I would have acne ,, and that makes me feel more grumpy ,,, NO!!! not on my freckly face!! I dont need anymore stuff on my face ..Now I have to find effective acne products in the market ... gezzzz Im worse than my teenage daughter ,,, sob sob sob.....


Crowned princess Mary of Denmark gave birth to twins a boy and a girl last week .

Denmark's Princess Mary and Prince Frederik has welcomed the birth of twins, a boy and a girl, in Copenhagen.

Prince Frederik was quoted as saying the twins were ''a miracle times two''.

According to Danish media, the new boy was born at 10.30am (about 8.30pm Sydney time), weighed 2.67kg and was 47cm long, while the girl was born almost half an hour later at 10.56am and weighed in at 2.55kg and was 46cm.

A twins for Princess Mary ,,, for sure her hands will be full looking after the kids they also have Prince Christian and three-year-old Princess Isabella ,, but I guess the royal family will have helpers , but for the Princess to look after the twins personal needs ,, like feeding ,, hmm,, wonder if she will be breast feeding the twins ? that is the most wonderful thing to give ,all natural,, with twins to feed she might wanna know how to increase breast milk production .

Denmark and Australia are all happy to hear the birth of the twins ...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks sis

Been blogging for almost 2 years now ,, every now and then I get in to a mood that I would post everyday but there are times that I get lazy and never update my blog . My sister taught me how to set up my blog , finding a best web hosting site that will cater to my preferences , then after setting up started blogging and visiting other sites, exchanged links and met new friends ,, it is fun and I learned so much about things that interest me through blog hopping .

I may not be the most fluent writer or story teller but I do my best and I wanted to share some of my stories , tips or just my plain life in general .
I appreciate the help that my sister gave me and I can always rely on her if I have some questions about blogging .. So enjoy your day everyone....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Weather here in Oz

With the big flood in Queensland Australia , it is so sad to see people suffering and feeling so helpless about the situation . Mother Nature is really powerful ,, a Big flood here in Oz and Snow storm in Europe and USA ,, the other day we had a 43 C scorching temperature in Sydney and whoaa  that was really hot ....  But I guess I prefer  to be hot than to be freezing cold , I dont think I can cope up with the snow storm,, wearing all the bulky clothes ,, digging up the snow or having a snowblower which needs a good snowblower parts  ,, but yeah I would rather handle or use the lawnmower in December.  Summer in December is fun and enjoyable, swimming , picnics, outdoor activities ,,,   Loving the Australian weather .

Update on the building

A sneak peak of our masters bathroom,,, shower screen were installed and I'm loving it ,, the sink also hooked up ,, it is looking really nice cant wait for it to be finished so I can admire all this lovely place ...

Anyway,, in the guest toilet we opted for a wall mounted sink instead of the pedestal sinks... I think it is more contemporary looking if it is wall mounted which is the look that we are after.. I'll post a picture once it is finished ..... So much stuff to do and since it is Christmas holiday .. most of the tradesmen are on holiday ,, we have to wait for them to come back to work so we can speed up the progress in our house.

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