Monday, December 5, 2011

Career path

With the 2012 fast approaching ,, new technology and new trend are coming ,, my nephew and nieces are studying computer engineering, I always encourage them to study hard and finish their courses ,, they will surely find a great job in the future ,, looked at Tester Jobs and most of them are technology related jobs . It would be great for them ,, I even tell them that they can apply here in Australia and they can migrate and stay here with me , while they get settled .. They are heaps of opportunity awaiting them ,, ahh its nice to be you ng and single ,, to have so many choices ,, but with saying that they also need to learn responsibility and need proper guidance

Need to start organizing

Its the time of the year ,, time for big SALE just before Christmas for those getting ready for the big day ,, when you can no longer find a parking in the shopping centre ,, and when you can hear Christmas songs being played on the radio ,,then its time for you to panic ,, panicking is what I should be feeling at the moment ,, we are having a big Christmas party in 2 weeks time ,, more than 70 people are coming ,,, Im feeling so slack at the moment and what I said I should go and start shopping ,, haven't even done my Christmas shopping for my kids yet ,, went to the shops and the place is jam packed ,, every check out has long queue ,, hmmm ,, noting they have a Retail POS System on their machines ,, inventory of stocks for sure ...

Anyway ,, good thing the kids are still in school till next week ,, I can go shopping by myself , which would be easier than tagging along kids who wanted to just stop at the toy store and start harassing me with "buy me this Mum!"

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bakken Oil Companies

An Uncle of mine undeniably is very successful with his career and works tirelessly in the oil rich land of Saudi Arabia. I was fascinated with their rich and lavish lifestyle having seen it during my teen age years. I usually spend time with my cousins and we all grew up very close . Every time their Dad was home for vacation, I also received shares of his gifts for the family.

I wondered then how it is to have a dad who worked in bakken oil companies? Our inquisitive young minds learned that the company like UG Oil and Gas Center is an exploration company spanning the globe exploring vast receives of oil, gas and petroleum. Natural gases abound in oil and natural gas fields in the different parts of the globe.  New and better drilling technology yielded oil boom and and high return investment and one expert on this field are Bakken oil companies that extensively deals with gas extractions in vast exploration wells and it's find produces abundant supply of energy beneficial to all.  And that Uncle Tim has been part of the oil exploration team for decades already. He had traveled far and wide with the team to uncover the earth of it's reach resources. And Saudi Arabia known to be an oil rich country became his final destination as he was assigned in the Eastern province since 1990. Apparently, his company knew that there are more oil reserves that hasn't been uncovered yet and their exploration work becomes more and more aggressive. Rich oil reserves make one country progressive because of good tax revenues the government receives. Uncle Tim has been receiving his fat and handsome pay and benefits from the company.

All his exploration works with the team paid off! UG Oil and Gas Centre will continue to explore the globe and Bakken oil companies is here to stay, helping people and the economy having benefited greatly with the precious finds.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Taking photos again

For the past few months ,, I am getting my groove back into photography its been awhile that I had been neglecting my camera , and when I started taking photos of the cakes and cupcakes that I made ,, I am loving my camera again,,, I can take 20 - 30 photos in one session and badly need camera batteries rechargeable , its a learning process for me ,, I am no professional photographer but just a newbie and enthusiast ,, so i am willing to learn and open to all tips and information,, but above all ,, I love what I do ,, and that is the most important tool of all....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

What to do next week

Its school holiday again,, 2 weeks with my kids at home,,,  I am now going to list things that we might do during the school break ,,   1st for them to watch Tv and play PlayStation or Wii games ,,  we also have a cable set up in that room,, but I have to make sure that it is working ,, since  my hubby unplugged the network cable wiring  ; so he can set up the low lying TV cabinet in that room .   W also organized some of their friends to come over so that they can have someone to play with,,, with kids 8 and 6  its not gonna be a quiet house for us in 2 weeks time ,, but I love having them around ,, even sometimes when they keep on bugging me ,,,,   love em to bits....

Nice weather

The weather here in oz is getting warmer and people are eager to put their winter wardrobe away and start digging their summer clothes out ,,  time to shave s and have a pedicure ,, coz Mr Sunshine here we come!!!!!  Last weekend , it was a glorious warm Spring and we went for a drive at Coogee beach,,   the water was inviting,, too bad we did not bring our swimmers with us ,, my boy just went straight in the water and got his clothes soaking wet ,,, well too bad for him ,,he just stayed on his wet clothes till it gets dry ,,,    had a lovely lunch and went for a drive,,,   young adults are also out driving in nice cars adorned with nice wheels ,, hmmm are they giavonna wheels  ??   with loud music pumping in their cars cruising around,, trying to look like Cool !!!!,, its a different be around the area ,,,  young , buff and good looking people soaking in the sun ,, ahhhh  young and restless.........

We end up in Brighton le sands ,, because we are looking for a kite shop , we wanted to buy kites for the kids since we are having fun flying kites in our place , we wanted to get the kids some proper kites ,, colourful and big kites that will adorned a nice blue sky .....

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I was having a chat with my friend form overseas through FB , its bee awhile since I last talked to her ,, we talked about how things going on in her life,, she is already 40 and still single and I was quite surprised that she did not end up marrying ,, but I guess its not yet the end ,, she is still hopeful that she will find the right person for her ,, she is looking for a new career ,, browsing through Networking & Telecomm Jobs ,, she has her own net cafe but she said that she had enough because she is not making money at all ,, that is why she is looking for a new job,,,, she swears that she is finding it hard to find a job , being 40 ,, most of the company that she applied for at considering an age limit ... geezzz I feel sorry for her ,, knowing that she is such an efficient and hard working person .. She wanted to go overseas if she can but again age is a big factor ,, if only she had known about it ,, she would have done things differently ..

Is being 40 a Hindrance in Life ??????

Monday, August 22, 2011

Looking forward for Spring Time

Ahh I just can't wait for Spring Time !!!!    I had enough of Winter ,, too cold for me and as I always whinge here on my site about how I don't like winter ,,,   I just want Spring to come soon ..  Sumner is definitely my favourite so I am looking forward  to a  change of season,,  changing of season means SALE time ,,,,   spring clothes are out and I went to Target to check on their new season outfits ,, checking prices  with usb barcode scanner would be easy ,, so after going through the ladies section,, I quickly moved to the men's department ,, and I was reminded that Fathers day is coming up ,,,  and its the best time to shop because of all the packages and specials during this time,,,   so picked up some stuff for hubby and placed in on lay by ...  There are heaps of cool stuff for kids too ,, so there I was shopping into my hearts content ,,, love going on a sale ....

Monday, August 15, 2011


Today my hubby and I had a conversation about moving our business close to our home .. we are located 1 hour away from home,, hubby decide to move the business,, actually to downsize,, we are paying too much rent and we are going to make a wise move by moving factory ,, will save heaps of money by doing that ,, hubby told me that I also need to go to work and he told me that I have to learn the MYOB and get to know all the things at work I might get the document management from . This one I have to do it knowing that I need to help my husband manage the business,, and to top it all I am just starting my new business ,, so I guess ,, I have to prioritize , I told him that I still wanted to do my business but not as full time... well I have to see what will happen next ....

Friday, August 12, 2011


Its been awhile since I last updated this blog,, been hibernating for a while,,, Winter here in Oz ,, and I am not a fan of Winter!! I just want to cuddle up in warm bed and be lazy ,, like the song of Bruno Mars ,,, yeah that's what I want to do ,,nothing ....

I havent been out much lately ,, haven't visited the factory ,, husband is running the family business ,,I take my hats off for him,, he is such a good guy ,, juggling most of the things in the factory ,, from paper works,, filing ,, he need a lot a stuff to do ,, he might need a document management solutions ,,, he is also doing the work downstairs ,, so I make sure that when he comes home a nice dinner is ready for him ,,, my way of saying thank you and relax you're at home now....

I just cant wait for Spring time and I'm longing for a nice warm weather ........... hurry up Spring ..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Taking Care of Your Patio Furniture

During summertime, the backyard is probably one of the most used areas around the house. With weekend parties and family gatherings, this is the best place to relax, have fun and enjoy good food. Now once the grill is all set and ready you can start the party. But during this season it is also very important to take good care of your patio furniture. Since these decors act as highlights to the outdoor, it is only vital to keep them in a good condition.

Patio furniture can be made using different types of materials and this is always the first thing to consider when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Wood is one material that should always be well-maintained. Extreme weather conditions along with regular wear and tear could easily damage the item; make sure to apply a weather proof sealant to protect your wood furnishings from rain or too much sunlight.

Make it a practice to constantly examine and check for damaged or roughed spots. Once you notice one, apply the sealant right away to avoid any further damages. Restoring patio furniture is easy if you have the proper tools and techniques. Reading a few home and garden magazines or doing a little online research could help you learn more about how you can take care of your backyard furniture.

Emma currently works as a freelance writer. Among her favorite topics include travel, current events, technology and fashion. She's enjoying her current task writing for gulvafslibning a project which is all about floor sanding.


Monday, July 18, 2011

What to give.....

Queens birthday here in Australia had just passed ,, hmm what's the next occasion ?? ahhh Fathers Day in September !! that's good ,, it will be a good time to start organizing it ,, last month was my hubby's birthday and he did not ask for anything for his birthday ,, and the best thing he did was bought me a gift instead ,, yea ,, a gift for me on his birthday.,,, I am into baking at the moment and he bought me a gorgeous Red Kitchen Aid ,,,, ahhh that was such a perfect gift .

I know lucky me,, ... he is such a generous man,,, so for fathers day I am already looking for a gift ,, looking at some of fathers day gift baskets ,, some electronic gadget ,, tools , clothing , ahh for sure there would be plenty of ideas next month when all the shops start displaying Fathers day gifts ,, but this time it should be a thoughtful gift just for him...... he deserves it ....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue mode

Ohh I missed doing my shopping during the EOFYS ,,, gezzzz ,, what am I doing ,, the shopping bug is not around ,, I would love to get some new stuff,,, hmmm,, let me see,, an Ipad,, top netbooks , portable memory , new camera lens , a 60 inch plasma TV,,, ahhhhh what else,, yes the most important thing ..ahhhh I need money to buy those things !!! Times are tough and its time to tighten up our belts for a while...Winter time her in Oz and I just need to hibernate for a while,, its been very cold in our new house and I dont like being cold ,, I grew up in a tropical country and even though I migrated here for 11 years now,, my body is still not used to it,,, ahhhh warm sunshine is what I need ,, Winter makes me gloom and shopping mode is gone.......

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feeling cold

Its winter here in Oz ,, and gosh it is cold,, we just moved in to our new home and we live on an acreage ,, lots of space,, hill on the back and lake in front and trees all around and winter time here is just so cold ,, to top it all we don't have a heating system installed at home!!! the budget was tight and we have to sacrifice that but we are regretting it now hat we know how cold it is ,, we have some portable heating in the bedrooms ,, that would keep us warm at night time . We also set up an outdoor fire pit t so that we have friends over we can stay outside warming up on the fire pit , but for sure once that we can already afford to have split air conditioner we will book straight away .... but for now ,,I'm all rugged up and a warm coffee ahhh great ...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend project

The weather this weekend was stunning !!  Sunshine all day and a bit warmer   a perfect winter day , so we just stayed all day at home,,   hubby finished our veggie patch ahhhhh   Im loving it , because we can just grow our own vegetables ready as soon as we need it ,went to the nursery to buy some herbs and fruit bearing trees , lime , lemon, mandarin and oranges ,,   its looking good and our list of what to do is being crossed out ,, I think hubby wanted to do most of the things outside first before he starts doing things inside the house , like installing 2 tv stands , installing the shower screen , painting the cornices and the doors , I can go on and on about the list but I dont want to sound like a nagging wife ,,LOL  but I know that things are going to get done ,, Patience is the answer .........

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nice day

Oh wow ,, its a glorious winter day this weekend,, unlike the past few days where we had a weird weather ,, rainy ,, cold winds and a snow fall in Blue Mountains , today the sun was warm enough to let the kids play outside and do my washing ,,Im not a fan of winter ,, since I grew up in a warm weather ,, my body is still accustomed to it ,, I would love to wear cool clothes, trendy womens sandals , shorts and feel the warmth on my body .. Winter gives me the blues ,, all wrapped up and shivering ,, I'm hoping that the fine weather will continue all through the week.

probably be staying at home tomorrow since hubby is finishing my veggie patch ,, yeah a veggie patch!!! the kids are so excited to plant something ,, but we might wait till Spring time to start planting ,, since we are going to have 6 of the veggie patches ,, hopefully kids will be enticed to try and eat different vegetables ,, that would be really good .

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet as......

Im into making cakes, cupcakes, cookies and that is my new hobby at the moment ,, net surfing and following other cake decorators is what I enjoy at the moment,, I get inspired and loving all the beautiful creations,, and thinking of going into cake decorating ,, ahh that would be very nice,, but as I try different recipes and designs , I often make cookies or cakes as a gift ,, I think its good because I can make it myself and people love it when they are given sweet gifts.. there are different occasions ,,it would be good for a birthday gift basket ,, halloween gift baskets , baby shower, or just a plain "try my creation "" That would be great because it is well appreciated and I love doing it ... I'll post some of my cupcakes to show off next time....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Games.. games...

My boy is so obsessed with games,, he likes LEGO and with that he likes to play PlayStation games ,, I am planning to upgrade to PlayStation 3 ,, there are more ps3 games , Im just concerned if ps2 games will work on ps3 console ,, since he has a vast collection of games ,, he also have Wii console ,, but it is strange that he doesn't like to play it ,, I don't know why ?? So it is just stuck in the cupboard , every now and then I encourage him to play it ,, since he moves a lot when he plays that game ,, maybe he just want to sit down and relax while playing ,, what a lazy boy ,,

Anyway ,, good thing is that we bought a new puppy for the kids ,, keeps them active ,, every time kids get back from school , I would tell them to take the puppy for a walk or just play with it ,, its good because they can be active and our puppy loves to run and chase the kids .. good exercise for kids who are always playing video games..

Setting up

Its been a while since I visited Hubby's work place ,, we have a business and my husband is the one running it,, I used to do the net banking and doing some filing at work ,, but I am now getting busy setting up my small business,, I still get updated with the things around the office , we have a secretary who is very efficient and good at keeping everything organized ,, I was looking at some paper work the other day that my husband took home ,, some are for disability insurance , bills and lease papers ,, checking if everything is Ok and if I need to do something about it ,, but it was good to know that my husband is right on track ,, everything is updated ,, so I will have to concentrate on my new venture , but it is going so slow,, I am overwhelmed with all the things to do .. anyway ,, I'm excited about it and I'll share it to everyone , I just need to do some more stuff.

Monday, June 13, 2011

From the top

We live in a property and we just love the open space and the view of our new house ,, we plan to have domestic animals on the property and we started off with a puppy ,,, then chickens would be next ,, lamb and sheep ,,, cows and kids are asking for a horse ,, but we are not sure about the horse ,, it would be nice to have one,, but for sure it will be too hard to look after ,, and kids would need proper gear ,, like riding helmets , riding clothes and so much stuff and the biggest hindrance is that our land is not flat ,, its a hill so it will be dangerous to ride there,,, so we might stick on lambs and chicken 1st .. It would be good for the kids so that they can learn to have responsibility about looking after animals ,, I know that once we have animals I will surely be the one who is going to look after most of the time,,,but the kids will just help me.

Here is the view from the top ...

I like this chair

Ahhh,,,,, Rainy day today ,, its a long weekend , and we spent the day out in the shops ,, we took the kids to bowling 1st then sushi for lunch and off to the shops to walk around ,, the shops is packed of people ,, avoiding the gloomy weather ,, no chance of spending the day outdoors,, ,, too much rain and hubby cannot finish all the things that needed to be done at home ,, we moved in almost 4 months now ,, but there are still heaps of things to do ....

I have tons of magazine clippings and pictures of things for hubby to do ,,, he is a handy man ,, cabinet maker by trade so it is a plus!!! One of the project that I like him to build is an Adirondack chair for me,,,

I have always been in love with this chair ,, cutting all the clippings about how to make it ,, but for sure there is now ay hubby can squeeze that project ,, so I might just look around and see how much it is .. It will look good in my verandah.... ahhhh someday I'll have it !!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Setting up

Im sorry haven't updated the blog for awhile ,, been busy setting things up ,, thinking of putting up a business  a party business to be exact I have so much to do and things to consider ,, I am working with a friend and we are are going to be business partners ,, we are excited but also apprehensive on things,, there are things that we are worried about ,, questions to be answered ,, do we need to get an insurance   have to check on insurance stuff  for this ,, do we need to set up a website ,, finding a business name and how to get it going ,,, arrgggg   I wanted to do it straight away but that's not happening soon,, our minds are scattered all over and we need to sit down and get more details and get organized.

Once we have the business started I will post some details and photos about it .. Wish me luck !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

In our new house

We are now living in our new house for almost 3 months and so far so good,, there are still heaps of stuff to do .. children's wardrobe is not yet finished ,, my range hood is not yet fixed,, some windows pane are not yet painted,, massive backyard is not yet done ,,  but we knew all along that before we move in; things are still gonna be left out , we ran out of funds to finish some projects,,  and it might take a little while to finish them all ,, we will just concentrate on things that are necessary  we cannot borrow anymore money from the bank ,, hmmm we might sell some silver bullion bars    ,, or it would be nice to win a lottery !!!! Well, the most important things is that we love the house , the kids are happy in their new home and we are saving by not paying rent anymore .....

Dangerous ...

I was reading this story on ninemsn and I cant believe about this ,,, with all the buzz about planking ,, it is still happening... The story about planking had been going on the last few weeks and with all the incidents most of the victim need emergency medical assistance .
Last year my daughter showed a picture of his friend on FB laying face down and she thinks that it was an idiot thing to do ,, then now most of the teenagers are doing it ,,, geezzz what with the craze,, what a weird thing to do and now that they are doing dangerous stunts ,, I cant help but shook my head ....

story from
A 48-year-old Sydney woman has suffered head injuries while demonstrating how to plank, during a discussion about the dangers of the stunt.

The woman fell from a 2m high garden wall after performing the planking demonstration at a friend's house in Kingsford last night.

An unnamed friend of the victims's told Nine News the incident happened during a discussion about the planking craze and its dangers.

"And it was all started why with you don't plank — and look what happened," she said.

The woman was taken to hospital suffering a fractured shoulder, head injuries and loss of consciousness.

The popularity of planking — which involves lying flat and face-down on top of an object and being photographed — has rocketed recently, but has also been widely condemned by authorities since a 20-year-old man fell to his death last week while attempting to pull the stunt on a balcony in Brisbane.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chilly nights

Its gonna be a cold Winter here in Sydney,, ah for sure ,,, last week we had a a cold snap and its only Autumn ,,, we had a weather of 1 degree in the mornings.. My hubby and I went straight to the shops and bought 4 oil heaters for our room and the kids bedroom. We are all rugged up,, wearing bulky clothes and not feeling the best at the moment ,,, Winter time is the best time to eat and hibernate ,, yupp forget about the diet or the best muscle building supplement , we'll do it on Spring time...I like Winter ,, when we all just keep ourselves close to each other at night time while watching TV and with a warm blanket draped around us.... Keep my heart warm,,, have a cuppa and enjoy the chilly night .........

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trying to be warm

We are experiencing  a cold snap here in Sydney ,,,  gezzz  I am fee zing and to think that we just moved in to our new house ,, downside is we don't have a heating system installed yet ,, originally ,it was planned that we will have a gas fireplace  but due to constraint budget ,, it was not possible to have it ...  Our house is cold ,, it is a timber cladding house that looks like a Queenslander house ,, we have our garage underneath ,, so there is a breeze coming from below ,, although we have fabulous timber flooring , I love the look of our floor ,, we could have opted for laminated flooring  from the laminate floor    but I think we did a great job choosing our black butt flooring.

 Now all we have to do ,, is to get a potable heater ,, the cold breeze is just ridiculous at the moment ...  we are walking around the house with beanies and thick jackets .  This morning we installed some curtains that have thermal backing ,, it did help a little but we need to make it warmer..  It is still Autumn here and I can only imagine how cold it can be on Winter time ....  brrrrrrr.....

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Still watching old shows

My hubby and I are so lame ,,, we are so left out and still watching the ER ,, we love the show so much ,, when we moved to our rental place about 2 years ago ,,, we didn't have access to Foxtel ,, so we missed most of the episodes of ER,, now that we are in our new house and have the luxury of pay TV we are watching re runs of ER on HITS channel.. gezzz,,,, ER is finished ,, yeah since 2009 hahahah I just found out by Goggle ,, but good thing because we watched the last episodes,, now I'm sad ,, I will surely miss the show ,, it was such a good show ,,, arrgggg too much ER re runs and that is affecting me ,,, ,, I need that before I end up on ER in our local hospital ,, hmmm,, now what else to watch .. let me Sex and the city reruns or Seinfield ... I need to get a life ......... its so out of date ,, its embarassinvg,,, ok hand s up people if you love show !!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wanna be warm

Gezzz,,,,, its freezing herein Australia ,, yupp,, we are feeling the chilly night and Winter for sure is gonna be cold ,, and the worst part is our new house have no heater!!! Its absolutely ridiculous ,, we know that its gonna be cold here in the mountaiusn but not this COLD,, kids are wearing scarves, beanies and while I'm typing , my fingers are slipping because I am wearing hand gloves ,, all rugged up ,,bu we cannot do much but to just layer our clothes ,, don't know about the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning ,,, it will cost us a fortune,,
Ugg boots are out and big fleecy jacket is a must ,,but when I saw this really nice shoes ,, I just feel in love with this,, this will look good for my hubby an Ateliers Arthur Ourasi T Lifestyle shoes,, really cool .....

My big girl will love the Nike Lunar shoes,,, this will suit her style ,, and as for me ,, I will be happy and warm in my boots .....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Easter Fun

Our Easter Fun.......

This year , we held an Easter Lunch for the first time in our house,, every year the Easter Family lunch is always at my Hubby's Grandma's house,, but this year they did not organize the lunch there ,, anyways ,, the family were split apart ,, some are on holidays and some went my hubby's Uncle ,, anyway ,, we had a good time with the kids Easter Egg hunting and loving it,, I made the Easter cake , a chocolate mud cake with dark choco ganache and it was so yum........

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Looking for a job

As a stay home mum ,, I am feeling the need to go back to work , the kids are all in school and I guess I have to start going back to work ,,, my last job was 8 years ago ,, that was a long time ,, I really need to upgrade my profession... I was a graduate of BS Nursing overseas ,, but when I moved here in Australia ,, I was about to go though a course but I wasn't able to do it because I got pregnant with my boy .. so here I am after 3 kids and a stay home mum ,,, I was looking at some courses on bsn online and gezzz,, that is good because there is an opportunity for everyone to study online. Through the bsn online I can learn back all the essential skills and knowldge and be able to manage my time ,, but for sure this wont be easy and needs a lot of studying...... hmmm contemplating.........

I wanted to go back to work ,, but I'm not that keen on going back to Nursing ,,, I just wanted to find a job that would suit my schedule as a buys Mum?? yeah I know its hard ,,, I was looking at a home based job... any suggestions????

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Still on my P plate

OK ... I am way too old to be driving on a Green P plate ...... yes me..... I've been on my green P plate for almost 3 years now ... I admit that I am lazy to take the exam ,,, People ,, I still have to take a computer exam to get my full license ,, I always say I have no time to study and read the book ,, I don't want to rock in the RTA office and get the exams without any preparation ,, waste of money as I say,,, but my daughter who is already on a learners plate is urging me to take the exams,, yyup she need someone to be with her while she drives ,, gezzz,, I guess Im not ready for that ,, teaching my child to drive... 1st of all ,, I'll be very nervous to do that and that I am not a good teacher ... so she would have to get some few lessons from the Driving instructor first.

Aside from that I still need to renew the rego soon and the car needed a service ,, insurance is up soon and needed to get a reasonable car insurance quote just like from Arizona car insurance ,, anyways ,, to much stuff to do ....

Pick me up .....

Ahhh,, birthday parties for my kids are finished,, I spent most of my days lurking around sites and party places to get ideas and inspirations on how to organize their parties ,, I still have heaps of stuff to do about the pictures to share to everyone ,, My lil boys 8th birthday party was a success,, he loved every minute of it ,, although the big inflatable slide was cancelled because of the weather ,, it was pouring down rain and it was non stop ; the party was still good.. I just did some activities for the kids inside the house ,, they did not roam around the property because of the mud .

I will surely get all the photos and post them soon,,,
This is my son with his favourite friend ,, my 16 year old bf , he likes playing with B1 and B2 (my youngest kids) and the kids just love to be picked up on his shoulders and be tossed around ,,

yupp,, he is buff and he's kinda look like that he is on creatine powder ,, or some sort of protein shake ,,, hehehe ,, anyway ,, he is such a good young fella and really have a good manners ,, so no problems with that ....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Need to purge

Yess...... last weekend we definitely felt the Autumn chill,,, the new place that we've moved in is located in a valley ,, so we can really feel the chill,,, misty in the morning and with a wide open place ,,lake in front of the house and cows crazing in the meadow... lovely ,, but cold .. anyway ,, this morning I started taking out the winter clothes out of the boxes ,,, I started with my lil Missy's clothes and still not yet finished ,, have to tackle it again tomorrow,,, I also need to do mine,, I still have clothes in the boxes which are kept in the garage ,, its been awhile ,, haven't taken that out since we moved to the rental place ,, I might find some hip hop clothes there ,,, hmmm not that I wanted to wear em ,,,, I guess it wont be good for my age wearing hip hop clothes ,, might give it to my big daughter ,,, anyway ,, I still have to tackle them and do some serious purging and I need to update my wardrobe ,,,, need to dress for my age ,, since I just turned big 4 owww ....

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Weekends

Our weekends are spent at home ,, we have tons of stuff to finish in the new house ,, my ever dearest handy hubby tackled the laundry last weekend ,, he tiled the whole laundry ,, amazing !!! a cabinet maker and now a tiler!!! I was so happy to see the finished work and made such a big difference ,, the laundry is huge!!!!! just like an ordinary kitchen .... I'll post the pics next time so that readers can have an idea on how big it turned out ,, and Im loving it!!!

This is the pic of our house ,,as I look at it , it seems like the houses in Queenslander with a verandah ,, its not yet finished we still havent painted the railing and there is still a missing stairs infront ,, but we will not put the stairs yet because it is s huge job and will cost big $$$ so we can wait ....
We also have huge yard to excavate and to level and that would be a budget killer ... so bit by bit doing everything we can afford and we can just DIY .
But I dont mind staying at home and doing things ,,we enjoy it and the kids just love staying home

Friday, March 11, 2011

Not yet done

This afternoon I received a really nice compliment from a friend that I looked like a lost weight ,, yeah you serious I asked???? I told her must be because of the STRESS of building and moving the last few months ,, when we moved last month ,, I just felt that I ve done an intense workout ,, it was physically and emotional draining ,, I dont need adapexin-p anymore just to loose weight ,, its all natural ,, imagine lifting heavy boxes and going up and down the steps of the rental property aside from a cleaning the whole house ....

Thank goodness it was over ,, I just had enough of the moving,, but hey I'm not yet finished unpacking the boxes which most of them are stored in the overflowing garage ,, so that means I have to go through all of them and sort them out ,, that is also hard ,, emotional attachment to things ,, that is hard to deal with ,, so I might need a friend to help me decide ,, a friend that can tell me that's it ok to let go of things...... HELP !!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Paper work

Now that we are already in the new house ,, we definitely have to settle things for the house , we already received a quotation for our home insurance, hubby said I have to look for our appraisal for my personal belongings so that we can file them all and see how much are they ,, gezz,, where did I put that box?????

Now that we are slowly trying to settle in ,, I have to start getting through all our paper works which is piling really high ... Life insurance is also important since we have a big mortage we wanted to make sure that everything will OK,, so we are looking at the risk ,, so hoping that hubby will be eligible to get the life insurance ,, anyway not just the insurance but also some important paper works for the council and the bank ,, so here I am tyring to rummage through my piles and sorting them all out ,, it might take me days to go through them and FILE them ... yes I have to be organized this time ....

relaxing mode

Ahhhh Weekend ...!! I love weekends ,, time to unwind, relax and enjoy the day with the kids ..

Mopped my floor today,, have to do it before kids come home from school ,,,
I'm quite pleased because I finished taking out the boxes from my spare room and unpacked them and put them away,, the spare room is now bare and we need to get the bed from the garage so that the room will be ready as a guest room ... OK crossed out the list ,,, hmm whats next.. oh gezzz 101 things left to do ...

Busy unpacking and decorating the house thats my priority at the moment , hubby took all the bills and paper works to his work place,, he said he will start doing the payments online ,,, that's nice of him ,, taking the load off me , so that I can concentrate on doing things at home ..
The business is doing OK ,, not too busy but not too quiet ,, helping us in our everyday life and expenses no need to look on buying a franchise or selling the business,, not yet ....
anyway ,, here I am having a sip of wine and getting ##ll^6%%&&....
gezzz what am I m up too ???
Have a good weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

My new oven

This is my new Oven ,, I have 7burner and 2 ovens and I am loving it !!!!! It is an ILVE freestanding oven with Tepanyaki plate and can be changed into a grill,,, I've used it 5-6 times already and for sure I'll be whipping up good meals with it..

I like cooking and I enjoy it especially making meals for my family . Its better than having take away dinners all the time and I try to make it fresh and healthy ..
No need for sensa scam and those diet pills . But honestly , its hard to maintain it but I am doing my best .

Watched his show

Last February 17,, hubby and I went to see Michael Buble's Crazy Love concert at the Acer Arena , we've seen his concert 3 years ago and we enjoyed it so much and last year when the Crazy Love concert tickets went on sale I had to book early ,, but the Feb 14 concert date was sold out quick,, so we I ended up getting the the February 17 show ,, although we were seated on the side , we still have a good view of the stage and my oh my this guy is so amazing!!!!!!

Love it soo much ,, people grooved and danced and laughed ... He is such a total performer ,, aside from looking trim and fit doesn't need a phentirmene 37.5mg because he is just looking so buff,,, engaged to a Brazilian model and for sure he is so in love & keeping him motivated to stay in fit ...
Took a picture with the Iphone & I know it's not clear , I didn't bring a proper camera because my hubby always get annoyed whenever I just take pics,, he would always tell me to relax and just enjoy the show .........

Gelato madness

Love those Gelato.... How about the Chili chocolate, Fererro Rocher an all those exciting flavours , took the picture at the Smelly Cheese at the Hunter Valley , I had the Pistachio flavour and my boy who loves to eat Mint Chocolate was beaming with happiness .

It was nice day to eat Gelato with a high temperature of 43 during that weekend , its better to cool down ,,,

They say that Gelato is less fattening than the normal ice cream , but I guess if you eat too much , then it wont be good , I have to cut down on carbs and too much fat or I might end up on looking for the best weight loss supplements .

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthday Girl

My lil sweet pea turned 6 last week.... Time flies so fast and my lil miss is growing quick ,,, she is such a bundle of joy for us.. I can clearly remember when I was pregnant with her I didn't experience any morning sickness, felt healthy even looked at some prenatal vitamins reviews my pregnancy was really an easy one...

Not only she is cute, but also a clever little cookie , she loves to dance, read and play with her toys but most of all she is affectionate and loving girl...
Happy Birthday lil possum...

1st day in the new house

Bianca's bedroom
Master's bedroom
Kitchen and dining area
These are the pictures of the new house ,, 1st morning when we moved in ... ahhhhhh lots and lots of things to unpack , organize and decorate .. I am already sleeping late , especially last week because it was my lil girl's birthday party which made me all stressed up ,, I have no time for myself now ,, I was looking at the mirror, which by the way , just a small mirror because we don't have a full length mirror yet and the 1st thing I noticed was the wrinkles on my face ,,, Oh my!!!!! cant be!!!!! I have to look for the best wrinkle cream reviews ,, I need to be quick and try to fight the 1st sign of ageing ...... Relaxxxxx....... slow down .......... these are the things that I need to do .....

Ok ,, have to go and polish my floor.... hahahah

Friday, February 25, 2011

Im back

I've been extremely busy the past few weeks ,, we just moved in to our new house!! Hooray!!! but Booo for our Internet provider because it took them 2 weeks to switch my net back ... I just hated it because I missed blogging so much,, its hard not having an Internet connection .. anyway,, here I am like a mad woman trying to catch up with all my net activities,, either doing bills, checking mails , face book and blog hopping...

A beautiful place ,, serene and all I can hear are chirping birds and it reminds me to check on some bird baths because I am seriously thinking of putting one in my backyard... Photos next time ....

My Handy Man

Finally we're here at our new home but we still have a lot to do. Unpacking and decorating the whole house are just some of the things on our list. Thanks to my handy man (the hubby) who mostly did the finishing on our house. His talent, cutting tools and brilliant eye in home improvement makes our home more precious and special.

He can make any kitchen fab, paint and do lots of house renovations. How'd I wish my older bro was here to give him also a hand.

High Incidence of Skin Cancer

We can't hide the fact that sun's ultraviolet rays can pose a danger to our health particularly our skins. We have heard of skin cancers that struck a lot of people who expose themselves to much under the sun or those have family history of skin cancers.

Australia has high rates of skin cancer in the world and it's very alarming. It's always advice that aussies need to wear hat and sunscreens everytime they go out for outdoor fun. With the high incidence of skin cancer, people are already became aware and scared but those that still wanted to have darker skin just use indoor tanning lotion that can imitate the tan glow.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to School

My lil miss and big boy are now back to school and I already miss them when they are in school. I'm sure they are having a good time in school learning new things and finding new friends. I also have to make sure that dear son's school backpack and lil' daughter's bag are ready with their school stuff and foods before hitting the door. I always prepare a special bento lunch for them and they always love them.

The kids grow so fast and in no time, they'll be in highschool and college.

Too Many Things To Do

Just like what I have said in my previous posts, the house is almost done. There are still heaps of work in the kitchen and other rooms in the house but I know we'll finish all of them in due time as we're already excited to move. Our target month to move is February and I'm already packing some things.

The boxes are almost ready and I'm making sure that I'll not leave anything behind. I also need to put labels on each box so that I'll not have a hard time thinking what's inside. I already have boxes with some of my clothes there (sorry no sexy costumes in them), toys of the kids, some chinas and hubby's stuff. Oh boy, packing is one of the hardest thing to do but I need to do that asap as I'm excited to be at our new constructed house.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Missed the shows


JANUARY 19,20,21,23

Oprah Winfrey and 302 of her audience members travel Down Under for “Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure,” a four-part television event fast-tracked from the US and airing on Wednesday January 19, Thursday January 20, Friday January 21 and Sunday January 23 at 7:30pm on Network TEN.
Oprah first surprised the audience members with the trip during the “Oprah” show 25th season premiere. Now, they’ve all just returned from Australia and are ready to share their ultimate adventure with viewers around the world.

Grrrr,,, I missed the January 20th and 21st episodes and I was trying to search the channel 10 site if I can watch the shows that I missed ,, too bad ,, its not available ,,, where is Foxtel IQ when I need it !!! I also tried to looked at Oprah's site but only bits and pieces were shown ,, hmmm wonder if they are going to replay the show ????
Ok I will keep in mind the last episode,, I've been distracted by surfing the net ,, checking my emails which has been receiving heaps of mail about sales jobs , promotional emails, how to increase my bust size , junk mails , and some random emails from a Prince of wotwot !! yeah yeah,, delete delete.......
anyway , have to check again the mails and find out if its already full,, how can I stop it!!!???

Have to do it...

I was speaking to a college friend of mine who lives in the same suburb as me about getting back to work ,, we both graduated Nursing overseas but unfortunately wasn't able to practice our profession because of our commitment to our families ,, being a stay home mum is wonderful ,, we were able to looked after the kids during their infant stage ,, but now that they are school age kids ,, I guess its time to make a change ,, Nursing would be a demanding job and would be hard to get a good shift , so we are thinking about looking at some medical assistant school . I would like to work in a doctors office and assist or do some paper work in the doctors office , It wont be as hard as working in the hospital , so I reckon I might look into it ..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm busy trying to organize my lil Missy's 6th birthday party,,, 3 more weeks and I'm still gathering some inspirations for the Fairy Party,, all the pretty stuff and the a lovely way to decorate the event,,, the dessert table is the thing thats been brewing in the blog land ,, heaps of them,, by theme and by colours .. I just love looking at those beautiful tables full of SWEETS ,, yup there goes the diet ,, throw it out of the window because I am inspired to whipped up my own dessert ,, I'll be starting to practice making decorated cookies and cupcakes ,, so no more apidexin for me ,,, I have to taste and try my creations to get it right on the day ...

Cookies by Fresh cut flours

Table setting by Sharnel of My life My loves

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being 40 and not Fab!

Now that I am 40 ,, there are things that I've been noticing about me,,, 1st of all feeling a bit gloomy ,, it must be the mid life crisis as they say ,, I try to be optimistic about things in life ,, but with the stress of building our house and now I am in the process of putting things back in the boxes getting reay to move ,, the stress level is so high ,, every now and then I would have acne ,, and that makes me feel more grumpy ,,, NO!!! not on my freckly face!! I dont need anymore stuff on my face ..Now I have to find effective acne products in the market ... gezzzz Im worse than my teenage daughter ,,, sob sob sob.....


Crowned princess Mary of Denmark gave birth to twins a boy and a girl last week .

Denmark's Princess Mary and Prince Frederik has welcomed the birth of twins, a boy and a girl, in Copenhagen.

Prince Frederik was quoted as saying the twins were ''a miracle times two''.

According to Danish media, the new boy was born at 10.30am (about 8.30pm Sydney time), weighed 2.67kg and was 47cm long, while the girl was born almost half an hour later at 10.56am and weighed in at 2.55kg and was 46cm.

A twins for Princess Mary ,,, for sure her hands will be full looking after the kids they also have Prince Christian and three-year-old Princess Isabella ,, but I guess the royal family will have helpers , but for the Princess to look after the twins personal needs ,, like feeding ,, hmm,, wonder if she will be breast feeding the twins ? that is the most wonderful thing to give ,all natural,, with twins to feed she might wanna know how to increase breast milk production .

Denmark and Australia are all happy to hear the birth of the twins ...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks sis

Been blogging for almost 2 years now ,, every now and then I get in to a mood that I would post everyday but there are times that I get lazy and never update my blog . My sister taught me how to set up my blog , finding a best web hosting site that will cater to my preferences , then after setting up started blogging and visiting other sites, exchanged links and met new friends ,, it is fun and I learned so much about things that interest me through blog hopping .

I may not be the most fluent writer or story teller but I do my best and I wanted to share some of my stories , tips or just my plain life in general .
I appreciate the help that my sister gave me and I can always rely on her if I have some questions about blogging .. So enjoy your day everyone....

Monday, January 3, 2011

Weather here in Oz

With the big flood in Queensland Australia , it is so sad to see people suffering and feeling so helpless about the situation . Mother Nature is really powerful ,, a Big flood here in Oz and Snow storm in Europe and USA ,, the other day we had a 43 C scorching temperature in Sydney and whoaa  that was really hot ....  But I guess I prefer  to be hot than to be freezing cold , I dont think I can cope up with the snow storm,, wearing all the bulky clothes ,, digging up the snow or having a snowblower which needs a good snowblower parts  ,, but yeah I would rather handle or use the lawnmower in December.  Summer in December is fun and enjoyable, swimming , picnics, outdoor activities ,,,   Loving the Australian weather .

Update on the building

A sneak peak of our masters bathroom,,, shower screen were installed and I'm loving it ,, the sink also hooked up ,, it is looking really nice cant wait for it to be finished so I can admire all this lovely place ...

Anyway,, in the guest toilet we opted for a wall mounted sink instead of the pedestal sinks... I think it is more contemporary looking if it is wall mounted which is the look that we are after.. I'll post a picture once it is finished ..... So much stuff to do and since it is Christmas holiday .. most of the tradesmen are on holiday ,, we have to wait for them to come back to work so we can speed up the progress in our house.

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