Friday, June 25, 2010

I love surprises

It was my hubby's 40th birthday two weeks ago ,, and for his birthday I gave him a Big surprise...

I organized a day out just for the two of us without kids!!!!

I secretly booked an accommodation but in the morning I also booked a thrill ride at Oz jet, then the big surprise was a date at ARIA restaurant which is co owned by Chef Matt Moran...

The day of his birthday it was still a surprise ,, in the morning I gave him my gift a long sleeves shirt , a red tie,, which I was had a hard time choosing from the shops ,, I was looking at some designer ties and just a normal tie... anyway,, I bought a Van Huesen tie that matches my dress...

It was such a surprise for him seeing a note from me explaining I already have a babysitter coming in that morning and he has to be ready !!!!

It was all GOOD and everything turned out really well!!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Want to go on a holiday

Haaa,,, its getting cold!!!! Here in Oz its the best time to cuddle up and go on a warm bed....
Things that remind me of winter in Australia is going to Canberra,, I don't know why ???

It is colder there and visiting Canberra during winter is FUN... The crisp air that blows to your face ,, the places to visit .. I love going there .. mu kids love to go to the Questacon and explore the place,, my hubby love to go to the National Mint and get those gold coins collectibles,, for me I like to go to museum .. There are heaps of place to dine in ,, cafe and luxury restaurant ,, even just to walk around the area,, but don't forget to visit the Parliament house....

Ahh,,, I just want to pack our bags and go to Canberra.....!!! Hmmm ,, maybe I should wait for Spring for the festival????

Big Girl now

Next month is my eldest daughter's 16th birthday,,, geezzz,,, time is so fast ,,, she is growing quick and as year 11 in High school with too much activities both school and non school activities make her life more hectic...
I can still recall when I was pregnant with her ,, it wasn't an easy pregnancy ,, although I kept myself healthy ,, eating the right foods,, taking prenatal vitamins , avoiding alcohol and things that are bad for pregnant women and prenatal check ups... but the worse part was the morning sickness that hit me.. constant head ache and just feeling all worn out,, but I surpass it and now I can only look back at all the memories...
Now the big princess is turning 16 and asking for so much stuff,, I still have head aches!!!!! hahaha.... Motherhood is really hard,, you have to look after them for the longest time ,,,,

Well,, I love my kids and although its hard I cannot trade it for anything else....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Building our home

As to those who follow my blog ,, some of you already know that we are in the process of building our house. Its been such a longtime to start everything and with the weather is uncooperative ,, the site was such a mess,, muddy and wet,, so the constructing was held for almost 3 weeks,, now that they resumed the work ,, they are now doing the bricks ,, it is expected to take 3 weeks to brick the whole foundation,, soon the frame,, roofing and so on ...

Everything is modern now,, Gone are the days of the old asbestos way!!! eww,, who would want an asbestos environment ,, it was a big thing here in OZ when people who suffered from Asbestos cancer sued the James and Hardie group and some cases are still going ..

Anyway,,, my hubby and I are getting excited with the progress of our building although it is a bit slow ,, we are slowly seeing some improvements ,,,, ayy the joy of building!!!!!! there a lots of headache but the excitement is overwhelming.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Urban clothing

Its winter time here in Oz and its the best time to be rugged up and keep ourselves warm with the winter chill ,, it best to wear not only comfy clothes but also trendy ,, there are heaps of urban clothing that looks really nice ,, I was eyeing this jacket ,, since this bomber jacket is "in" at the moment

I also like this green Roca Wear very wearable ....

Launched off of the meteoric success of co-founder, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, The ROC represents a borderless, global lifestyle. With Roc-A-Fella Records serving as the initial launch pad, The ROC realized its prowess in creating culture far beyond the realm of music. Hence, the birth of the apparel company, Rocawear. Like Roc-A Fella Records, Rocawear quickly staked its claim in hip-hop history becoming the destination brand for street savvy consumers.
Rocawear maintains a focus of providing clever innovation in fabrication, application and design to its customer. It has been the brand's attention to detail that has pushed Rocawear's appeal beyond its core urban customer. Ten years have passed since the genesis of The ROC...and a dynasty now reigns.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Time for Tax

Tax-time can be rewarding for those who take the time to get it right. David Koch dishes out some tips on how make the most of your 2009/10 tax return.
June has arrived and tax-time is looming. You have just a few weeks to take advantage of tax breaks before the 2009/10 financial year closes for business. Start getting your documents together and tracking down receipts to back up deductions. Tax-time can be rewarding for those who take the time to get it right.

Claim everything

Claim all possible deductions to reduce your tax bill and hopefully give you a tax refund. Think of everything you've had to buy to carry out your job this financial year.

If you work from home you can even claim some of your rent, internet connection and electricity bills. Don't forget your charity donations, everything from the Haiti earthquake appeal to your sponsor child. You may also be able to claim a 20 per cent tax offset on out-of-pocket medical expenses above $1,500.

If you can't find receipts, but know where you spent the money, go back and see if they can give you a copy of the receipt or invoice. Bank and credit card statements showing details of purchases can be used in some cases.

When it comes to work related expenses, the Tax Office website ( has a list of acceptable expenses for various industries so check them out to make sure you're doing the right thing.

Use the education tax refund

Now is the time to check whether your kids need computers, textbooks or stationary for schoolwork. Buy them before the end of the month and take advantage of the 50 per cent tax refund on eligible education expenses.

This financial year you can claim expenses of up to $780 for each child in primary school and up to $1,558 for each kid in high school and get half your money back. You qualify for the Education Tax Refund if you receive family tax benefit Part A.

Offset capitals gains with losses

Profits from selling shares or investment properties bought after 1985 will be charged capital gains tax at your marginal tax rate. Losses made on these kinds of investments can offset profits and cut your capital gains tax bill. So if you made a big profit on the sale of one investment this financial year, consider selling some of your disasters.

Delay income until July

Put off receiving income until next financial year if you're likely to earn less in 2010/11 and will be on a lower marginal rate. It will also allow you to take advantage of the Government's last round of personal tax cuts for low and middle-income earners. If you have your own business you may want to hold off invoicing your clients until July.

Start a 2010 tax file

Filling in your tax return will be a breeze if you have all the necessary information at hand. If you are using an accountant it will make your visit time and cost-effective.

Start getting together your group certificates, bank and dividend statements, investment property accounts, receipts for tax deductible work or education expenses, any travel logs and health fund details if you plan to claim the private hea
lth insurance rebate.

Its the time of the year when people are busy gathering all their documents and receipts , We 've got a document scanning software at work and it helps a lot to get in track with all the necessary documents needed to do tax... So may you have more returns!!!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


Excerpt from Yahoo 7
When rumour circulated that Megan Fox had been sacked from the Transformers franchise that had made her a pin-up star, the actress, 24, was quick to reply. Her reps speedily issued a statement saying, "It was her decision not to return."

But according to, when Fox arrived on the set of Transformers 3, her "unhealthy" appearance caused director Michael Bay to give the actress an ultimatum to pack on the pounds. When she returned, still slim, tension between them caused her to walk out.

"Mike doesn't like skinny actresses," Fox said last June. "So I'm always the fattest I've ever been when making a Transformers movie."

New photos of Fox frolicking with boyfriend Brian Austin Green on a Maui beach show the actress has a dramatically slimmer figure.

"She was contracted to do a third movie, so if they really wanted her back, they could have forced her," an insider tells WHO. "Basically she decided to leave and they let her go."

Perhaps there are other issues preventing her from putting on weight. The actress, who has stated she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, also claimed in Allure magazine, "I'll starve to death before I'll cook for myself."

"I think I could survive a week without eating," she said.

And she has other health problems that affect her food intake. "I found out I'm anemic," the actress has said. "I have to eat twice as much protein. That's really my only diet restriction."

As for the exercise routine that gives Fox her enviable shape: "I do pilates and acro-yoga, which is a combination of acrobatics and yoga. It's hard!' she says.

To see the photos of Megan in a bikini in Maui, see the week's WHO Magazine, on sale Friday, June 4

I like Megan Fox, I love her face ,, her curvaceous body and to see her skinny like this makes her look sickly,, wouldnt have a clue if she is just starving herself or taking safe diet pill ... Knowing that she will not be in Transformers 3 is a disappointing news,, my boy who loves to watch the movie would miss Mikaela Banes ....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Loaded with red-hot dance steps, pulsating Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow routines, this invigorating dance-fitness "party" will have you movin', groovin' and shakin' the weight off to the sexy, exotic rhythms of salsa, cumbia, samba, merengue and more!

Work your body from head to toe with the Zumba® fitness program's exhilarating workouts. You'll learn all the basics and hit your favourite targets, like your core, thighs and abs. You also get maraca-like Toning Sticks to add some muscle to your body sculpting routines. Now's the time!

Get ready to "Join the Party"
and see a whole new side of yourself!

Yesterday, I started my 1st session with Zumba fitness program,, the dance school where my girl go to ,, started the Zumba program ...
Finally, I dragged my bum to the centre so I can join in and have a bit of exercises ,,, I feel that I needed to do something to loose this unwanted pounds ,, it means I don't have to buy diet pills to loose weight ....

It was such a fun Session and I just loved it,, I was sweating and grooving to the beat,, 1 hour session and my whole body was energised.... Cant wait for another session next week!!!!