Monday, May 31, 2010

Feel the Itch!!!!

Arggggg!!! Itchy and feeling sore !!!! This is the worst itch Ive ever had!!!!

Warning :: This is what will happen if you have an allergic reaction to a certain product ...
So be wary when testing out anti wrinkle creams eye wrinkle creams or lotion..

As I previouly blogged before I tried a product called ROC and I had a nasty allergic reaction to it and I just hated it ..
My hubby and I were joking that I look like the Lizard from the TV sequel V wwahhhhh!!!
I wen to see the doctor today and was prescribed a cream for it and Zrytec tablet to take in,, hopefully it will clear up soon....

I dont have wrinkles but I have a scaly itchy skin!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Love the show

I just love this show !!! MasterChef Australia ! 14 contestants are still standing tall and aspiring to be the next Masterchef Australia !!!!

One of my favourite contestant is Marion and I feel that she will win the sought after title ..
She seems o be focused and very creative with her dishes ,, and after winning the celebrity cook off and getting the immunity pin ,, I reckon she will go far in the competition.....

Tonight was the Materchef class and I was salivating as I watch how George and Gary cooked.. The food that they are making looks appetising and for sure they are really delicious ,, I wanted to try some of the recipes and I will check the website for the recipes. So it means no more weight loss challenge for me..... Its going to be winter and I need my unwanted body fats for insulation... hahahah..

Check out the MasterChef site for more.....


In my effort to find a best eye cream and wrinkle cream I tried a sample pack of cream that came from a showbag that I bought from the Royal Easter show..
It was a brand called ROC and OMG I ruined my face!!!!
I've got irritation and redness around the area,, the worst area is my neck which has small hives and really really itchy and swollen.....

Arggg,, I should have known better ,, that whenever I try different products I should make sure that it is allergy free stuff,, because I am prone to allergy ..

I tried to conceal it with foundation and concealer but they are still visible ,, so I might try having a make up free day .... just making sure I wont have visible marks when it heals....
I've only used the product 3 times and straight away I reacted to it...
So I tossed it in the bin while cursing this product!!!!! I hate you ROC!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The 1st one...

Saw him on TV and heard about it ... Yes,, the launching of Ipad here in Australia ,,,, I love Apple products but this time I think I'll give the Ipad a miss,, dont need it ,, my Iphone and my Imac are working perfectly fine ..


Rahul Koduri has been camped out in front of Apple's Sydney CBD store since 2am on Thursday and hopes to be the first person in Australia to get his hands on the iPad when it goes on sale on Friday.

The 22-year-old Blacktown resident had to make arrangements with his boss at Telstra to take the day off to line up for iPad's Australian retail launch.

"I want to be the first to get it," he told AAP as he sat alone outside the George Street store on Thursday afternoon.

The Wi-Fi version of the iPad sells for $629 including GST, while the Wi-Fi version with 3G costs $799.

Mr Koduri didn't pre-order an iPad, preferring to stand in line.

"The experience of going to an Apple store and buying it - there's just no other company like that. It's like a cathedral when you're inside there."

Mr Koduri expects more buyers to brave the chilly Sydney weather, and possible showers, and queue up outside the store as the clock ticks closer to the Friday 8am launch.

"I expect more people to come after 12am tonight and into the early hours on Friday," he said.

"I've read all the forums online and (also) my friends are pretty keen on coming down tonight."

Mr Koduri so far has been offered coffee, an umbrella and permission to use the Apple store's bathrooms, if he needs to freshen up.

"It'll be cold, but I've got some blankets and jumpers with me. But in terms of rain, one of the Apple guys said if it rains too much they'll let us in."

In any case, he has his laptop to watch movies through the night.

Mr Koduri said he hadn't paid much attention to some of the less flattering reviews of the iPad.

"The only negative thing that I've heard is about Adobe Flash, which actually doesn't matter because Flash is just too old for it," he said.

"Mainly I'm going to use it for web surfing and apps (applications), obviously. The number of apps that this has is just amazing."

In New York, about 700 people queued outside Apple's Fifth Avenue store to get the first look at the iPad when it was launched in early April.

Monday, May 17, 2010

How lucky

I am at awe at this video which was taken by the security cameras on the premises, on which how a Father saved his son from a car crash,, a must see video on how lucky they were....

It was shocking but at the same time relieved to see how this dad (Andrew Leitch) saved his baby son..The 82-year-old driver had a heart attack and careened her car at almost 45 mph into the Leitch family. But a sad story for the family of the driver...
It was shown on TV and it had been a buzz around Australia,,, and How lucky can you get ????

Friday, May 14, 2010


FACEBOOK is so "in" nowadays , there are lots of good things about this social site but there are also bad things....

Saw this news on Yahoo7 and wanted to share to everyone...

Just be aware and careful.....

Police are scouring bushland following the disappearance of a young Sydney woman who arranged to meet two men she befriended on Facebook.

Nona Belomesoff, 18, has not been seen since she left her family's home in Cecil Hills, western Sydney, on Wednesday.

She had arranged to meet the two men at about 10am (AEST) at Leumeah railway station and planned to return home on Thursday morning after a night camping.

Ms Belomesoff's family and friends have not heard from her since, and her mobile phone is switched off.

"She's a good girl, she doesn't go out often. She's more of a home girl," her brother Gary Belomesoff said during a public appeal for information on Friday.

"We will just hope for the best, I guess."

Police have spoken with one of the men the teenager arranged to meet through the social networking site but they say he was unable to shed any light on her disappearance.

The second man is yet to speak with investigators.

Police displayed Ms Belomesoff's photograph at train stations in Sydney's southwest on Friday.

The former Canley Vale High School student is believed to have caught a bus from her home to Liverpool Station before getting a train to Leumeah.

Searches of nearby bushland are being conducted by police, who admit they hold "serious concerns for her welfare".

"Nona is from a good family and it's very much out of character that she hasn't come back to her family home," Superintendent Gary Worboys told reporters on Friday.

"We're certainly concerned and would really look forward to (hearing from) anyone who has come in contact with Nona since Wednesday morning about 9am when she left her home."

Ms Belomesoff is described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance.

She has a solid build and is 152cm tall with brown shoulder-length hair and green eyes.

When last seen she was wearing a white shirt and carrying a small bag.

Any information about Ms Belomesoff's whereabouts or disappearance should be reported to police by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How can I???

Its COLD Today ..So there you go Australia!!! Its getting cold!!! for those people complaining about warm days on Autumn days ,, here you go a cold wind today....

Now its time to hibernate!!!!! Woooaa I guess not,,, I still haven't started going back to my exercise routine which got me going last December,, I told myself that I am going back to the gym and start losing some unwanted pounds but the laziness in me is too strong to fight!!!!!

I don't wanna go on a fad diet or take weight loss drinks or pills,, I want to do it naturally ,eating balanced diet and exercise ,, but how can I???? ,, the motivation is truly missing!!!!!

I must I must ,, I always say,,,, this cold weather doesn't help!!
I need some comfort ,, comfort food in a cool winters night!!! Full of calories!!!!
Gezzzz,,, I need to go too much whinging!!!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My boy's skin

It is now cold here in Australia ,, and as the days get colder ,, kids are suffering from stuffy nose and itchy skin.....
My boy suffered from Eczema since he was small and it was frustrating to see him scratch his sensitive skin till he bleed... Those where the old days and Thank goodness I don't want him to suffer again... Although ,, he still have a dry skin,, but not like when he was young with red , blistering skin...

The term Eczema, also called Atopic Dermatitis, includes all kinds of red, blistering, scaly, and itching skin conditions. It appears as an itchy rash of inflamed skin. Eczema can be treated externally with medicated creams or ointments and can be prevented somewhat by keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturized.

I tried almost everything in the market,, from Physician prescribed topical creams to giving him natural treatment of eczema ,, even tried to changed his formula milk to goats milk ,,, But once our doctor said that there are some cases that when kids grow up they will out grow it,, and now he is eczema free ,, but with dry itchy skin during Winter ,,, I can mange it and making sure that I always hydrate his skin , avoiding long baths and just eat healthy .

Monday, May 3, 2010

Do I Need to study again????

The other day I took my lil pea to a birthday party and while the kids were enjoying a swimming party I was speaking with the mums there.. They are mums who are Nurses from the local Nursing home around the area and the other Mum told me that they are in need of Nurses at the moment.. Since she knew that I was an RN back in the Philppines...

I told her that I still have to take examinations and still have to do some more courses before I can be acknowledged here... But I guess in my mind I am hesitant to do it again,, I have small kids and I guess I have to find ways to get back and study... Its been a loooooong time since I graduated from my degree,, so I would be a bit rusty now heheheh...
I am thinking on getting an online bachelor degree instead,,, A best way because can manage my own time and study on my own pace .. I was seriously looking at that option since it would be convenient for me .. But I still have to decide which degree I should take and find out the pros and cons of it ..
Wish me luck!!!!

Dry skin

Its the time of this year that I need to pay a special attention on my skin,, since it is getting cold ,, this is the time that my skin gets really dry , flaky and itchy.
I am also prone to having break outs with certain products,, a pimple here and a pimple there... arggg,, I don't know ,, but at my age I still get nasty pimples..
I have to discover which brand of Foundation that makes me break out.. I usually change my foundation everyday,, I 've got Revlon Photo Ready , Napoleon Perdis China Doll and Mac Studio Fix...
I am also prone to black heads that is why I was checking the on how to get rid of those nasty black heads..

Anyway,, I still do my usual morning and night routine,, just need an extra thick moisturising cream to keep me hydrated during this time... hopefully I will have a flawless skin....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day out

Autumn's cool breeze is just starting here in OZ,,,, As the days get colder , the people are rejoicing!!! We are waiting for a cool days,,, but even when there are days that was cold,, today was splendidly a nice day,,, warm in the sun,, nice to stay at the park,, have a barbecue or just walk around..
Today ,, we went on a Sunday drive at the historic Berrima ,, it was a town filled with history and antiques shops ,, a nice small town in NSW, juts walked around the tourist shops ,, had a nice lunch and a good drive around the town ,, it was a gorgeous day to stay indoors and as a family we love to see things ...
But tonight ,, there is a chill in the air,, cool Autumn nights that make us scamper to warm beds and wear thick comfy clothes ... soon it will be winter and hoping that the we are going through this season without getting sick ,, thinking about getting supplement to boost our immunity,, so I must read about supplement reviews and find out which is the best...

Ahh,, week days again and start the week with a positive mind and enjoy the rest of the evening....

Love the show

I love watching MASTERCHEF 2010 Australia ,, every night it I have to finish my chore so I can tune on the TV and watch it... My youngest daughter who is 5 loves to watch it too and she said that she likes watching it so that when she grows big she can cook like a Master Chef,, what a clever girl....

There are loads of tips and tricks that they love to share on the show, what I like is seeing the contestant get creative with their cooking and getting inspired with all the dishes that they come out with ...

Before the master chef show started , I was watching The biggest loser and now master chef,,, what a contradiction,,, I was inspired to loose weight and follow some recipes on the Biggest Loser ,,, and now I wanted to follow the Master chef recipes ,, which are far more different from the biggest loser....

Argggg,, dilemma dilemma!!! I wanted to shed a few pounds and start exercising too ,,, I guess I don't wan t the quick fix like taking diet pills, getting scared with : diet pill side effects ,,, so I guess I have to exercise and eat healthy but with the Masterchef recipes who would wanna be healthy with all the mouth watering ,, appetizing meals that the share!!!!!!!