Thursday, December 2, 2010

What a celebration

November 25 , 2010 was the day I turned 40 !!! It was celebrated in a special way ,, actually I call it a FEAST ,,, my hubby and I love to eat ... try different foods and enjoy evry minute of it .

Thursday night ,, Huuby and I and my 3 kids ,,, hubby's Aunty and Uncle+ 2 kids joined us in a dinner at Biberdum it was nice but the kids meal took a long time before they served.

Friday Night , hubby and checked in at Shangrila hotel Sydney and went for a 7 meal gustation at the Altitude restaurant and boy oh boy it was really good and appetizing .

Saturday noon went to Balmain to check out Adriano Zumbo's patisserie and there was a queue outside,, but we patiently waited for our turn,, and gezzz with all those nice cakes around I cannot decide which one to buy ,, but we did not forget to get those famous Zumbo macaroon ...

Saturday night was another 7 meal gustation at Galileo restaurant and another splendid meal !!!!

Not to forget a daily buffet breakfast !!!!! Hubby and I were stuffed !!!! No wonder were a bit chubby heheheh ,,badly needed a weight loss pills that work .


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