Sunday, December 26, 2010

Planning the landscape

As the house is starting to look really nice  and we will be ready to move in before the end of January 2011 , we are already making plans on how to do the landscape ,, we have a huge area to work on 3.5 acres and we are getting excited about it ,, for sue we will have a place of m herb garden ,, I will surely be having a herb garden since the herbs at the shop are so expensive it would be such a convenience to pick my own crops in the garden,,,  we will also have fruit trees, lemon, lime , mango, apple,, trees also considering olive trees  . 

Sheep and lambs , chickens, and birds ,,  yes we will have them too ..  I have to psyche myself up ,, I'll be a farmer soon....  hehehe but honestly I am so excited about it !!!


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