Sunday, December 12, 2010

Need to buy a new mattress

As our new house is starting to take shape ,, i am already getting excited to decorate the house,, Today I was looking at all my stuff here at the rented house and checking out which one will stay with us and which ones are gonna be given to charity ,, sell on eBay and pass on to friends,,, I've done most of them before we moved from our old house ,, but it seems that there is still alot of things to be purged ...

One thing for sure is that we need a new mattress , so Im checking out a mattress sale so that I can grab a good bargain ,, we built an guest room ,, so my old mattress will go there and then we will buy a new bed ensemble for our Masters bedroom ,, we are also thinking of getting a king size bed so hopefully we can find a good one...


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