Thursday, December 16, 2010

Love to watch movies

We love to watch movies ,, actually movies at home,, movies that we missed to watch in the cinema, so whenever there is a DVD sale I go through the list and check the movies that my hubby and I would like to watch ,,

Last week I bought the DVD Inception by Leonardo DiCarpio ,, it was an interesting movie , with all the action scenes and incredible stunts ,, but too bad Im just watching in a normal DVD and TV and it would be nice to watch it in a home theater ,, would it be lovely to hear them on a surround system,,,.. I checked for home theater reviews to find out which one is the best,, hubby and I are considering to set up a home theater once the house is finished and if we have a left over funds to do it .... but it would be lovely to laze in your own in house theater.... with popcorn and soda of course... ;-)


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