Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have to do it...

Its December again !!! how time flies ,, soon another year and some more photo snaps ,,, I just went thorugh all my files of photos and I was surprised to see that my Iphoto is holding mor than 19,000 photos ... gezz,, that is a lot ,, I guess that this should be one of my to do list ... Organize my photos ,, move them use a custom usb drives custom usb drives , make a photo book ,, put them on a CD,, just do something ,, that is a too much to handle ,, my son loves to go and browse he Iphoto and go look at those pictures ,, he just enjoy ooking at them and bringing back memeories ,, just lovely to see the old pics.. I just really need to start something productive,, maybe I 'll start now.....


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