Friday, December 3, 2010

An Event to watch

I love to watch Master Chef on TV and been a fan since the Masterchef 1 went on air ... It thought me so much and given people inspiration to unleash the masterchef in them ....
Junior Masterchef is already finished and I just enjoyed that show very much,, I watched the show with my kids and they also love it ..

My favourite judge is George K,, he seems to be down to earth ,, although I guess he should have taken human growth hormone ,,, nahhhh he is amazing and a talented guy ,, I would love to visit his restaurant someday ,,, not to forget the other famous judges Gary and Matt which are equally talented too..
Its their natural charm that is very attractive to all the viewers that made the show number 1 ..
They are having a Masterchef Live show on December 10-12 at Royal Hall Industries at Hordern Pavilion ,, hmmm,,, this would be an exciting show ,, so grab your tickets now before it runs out....

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