Wednesday, November 24, 2010

See that tree???

We took the kids to Martin Place in Sydney to see the massive Chritmas tree on display ..

Saturday night around 6:30 ,, we decided to hopped in the car and drove 45 minutes to the city ,, found a parking at Martin place and kids were ecstatic to see the huge christmas tree ,,, it is really nice ,, so took some photos and told the kids that we will have dinner first then come back when its dark so they can see the lights on the tree...
Walk to Darling harbour for a dinner ,, stayed for one hour and walked back to Martin place,,,, ahhh the streets of Sydney ,, ( George street on a Saturday night was packed with yuppies all dressed up to go to clubs .. hubby was very wary f things and always telling me to hurry up since we have the kids and walking at that time of the night ,, is not really a good idea with kids ,, with party goers who are drunk and some idiots on the street , we have to rush ,,, anyway,, no hassles and we made it back to the place by 9:30 and more photos taken....

Off we went and kids are just to tired ,, doused to sleep in the car ......


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