Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pack Away......

As the weather here in Oz gets warmer ,, its the best time of the year to store away winter clothes. I have a big plastic container to place all my winter gears ,, but I have some delicate sweaters that needed to be looked after ,, since I bought them recently and they needed to be stored in a special way I searched for the best way to pack it away and found these tips and will love to share it to everyone,,,
Excerpt from

Have the cashmere sweaters professionally dry cleaned. You want to be sure that they are thoroughly clean and free from body oils, perspiration, food and other substances that attract moths before putting them into storage.

Purchase a resealable plastic or muslin/canvas bag for each sweater. It is important that each cashmere sweater be protected in its own bag. Also make sure that your sweater bags are not airtight, so the cashmere fibers can breathe just a bit during storage.

Place a cedar block or mothball inside each sweater bag. This helps keep moths and other vermin away from your sweaters.

Wrap herbal-scented sachets (available at your local bed and bath store) inside handkerchiefs and place one in each sweater bag. Scents that work best (and also dissuade moths from paying a visit) include rosemary, lavender, cedar, orange and cloves.

Place each of your cashmere sweaters into a bag. Make sure that the handkerchief-wrapped sachets are resting next to your sweaters, not on top of them. Then place your sweater bags on sturdy shelves inside a closet.


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