Sunday, October 3, 2010

Want to be like them too...

We love Junior Masterchef,,, since the series of Masterchef started we were such an avid fan , especially when the series 2 started , we were glued on the telly and enjoyed every episode,, my kids 7 and 5 would sit with my hubby and I and watched the show , so when the JuniorMaterchef started we were so excited about it..

The top 12 kids on the show are amazingly good... I am wondering how did they get such a talent in cooking. The food that they are preparing are restaurant quality... They are really good and can outsmart the adults...

I wish my kids can cook like them..... sigh,,,,, not too late... since watching the show my kids are asking me if they can help in the kitchen!!!! Alleluja!!!!

so the 1st thing I did was to buy them Junior Masterchef aprons..... and cross my fingers that in the near future that they will whip a 3 course meal for me,,,,, while I just sit and sip a really good wine...... hmmm,, by that kind of lifestyle I will surely gain weight and might need to take hoodia diet pills ... hope not....


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