Saturday, October 16, 2010

Picking up

Its the time of the year where everything gets busy ,, and the best time of the year for our business too pick up ,, after the dreaded recession,, things are looking rosy at the moment ..

We have a benchtops business , hubby makes a laminated benchtops and most of the people who orders them are those kitchen places,,, so if it for renovating old benchtops or building a new kitchen ,, that is our business, I help the secretary once in a while but I am the one responsible for paying the bills by netbanking ,, I guess I'll be quite alright with that at the moment ,, I have a very reserved personality I might say ,, I wont be good with sales careerr or anything that deal with people,, I tend to be shy and get easily intimidated so I love staying in the background..
My hubby is a total opposite of me , he can face others and can sell anything,, that's why I leave most of the things for him .

WEll,, hoping that business will run smoothly and will give us a good profit ......


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