Friday, October 22, 2010

A No NO ......

Yes,,, this is so uncool .....
Where the whole Australian Catholics celebrate the canonisation of Mary Mackillop last Oct 17..
So now we have our first Saint .... check out this site to learn more about Saint Mary Mackillop

The Church does not make a saint – it recognises a saint. Canonisation is the act by which the Holy Father declares in a definitive and solemn way that a Catholic Christian is actually in the glory of heaven, intercedes for us before the Lord and is to be publicly venerated by the whole Church.

BUT...... the said picture was a total blow and a NO NO , when they try to make fun of all the things ... For me ,, it is just not right .......

The Catholic Church is outraged by a men's magazine shoot which pretends to show Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop in lingerie and on all fours.

The Zoo Weekly shoot features a model wearing lingerie and nun-style headwear and is under the headline 'Saint Mary Mac and her holy rack.'

Another photograph shows a model on all fours with the caption: 'She's begging for it . . . so she can give it to the poor!'

But the church doesn't think it's funny telling News Limited the six-page spread is an insult to the first Australian saint's legacy and is also demeaning to all women.

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