Friday, October 22, 2010

Missing the flowers

Fresh flowers at home,,,, I always used to have fresh flowers on my dining table when we were staying in our house ,, but a year after we sold our house ,, we are now renting while we are building a new house... I miss having some pretty colorful flowers ,,, but when my eldest daughter finished her last show at the musicale we gave her a bunch of flowers and its at home ...

I took a snap of it and yes,,, I havent had a nice dining table for awhile,, so that was the one missing .....
It lifted my spirit ,, its nice to have something nice around the place ,, the flowers lasted for 2 weeks and hoping that I would be placing some more flowers on the table ..

Now regarding the musical that my daughter played ,, it was High school musical staged by our local area . It was such a good show,, Mic played the lead role Gabriella and she had 5 shows as Gabriella but 10 shows all up including the other casts ,, It was a gruelling 5 month rehearsal ,, she was really stressed out and there are days that would show on face by having some acne break outs ,, good thing she started with her acne treatment creams to eliminate the zits straight away ,,,, she also suffered colds and usual flu but good thing on the week before the show everything went well .
It was fun seeing her act , sing and dance and we know that she would be leading to that path ...


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