Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still Blogging

I was browsing to my Iphotos this afternoon and quite amazed knowing that I have 220 events and 18, 500 photos stored in my Iphoto and that is really amazing ,,,, I just dont know how much more can I store in it .... so I told my self that I have to organise the pictues and transfer some of them in a CD or my external harddrive ..

I sometimes keep them there so I can easily access it when I need some pictures for my blogging ,, hmmm... its more than 2 years now since I started blogging and Im still loving it ,,, there are moments that I wasnt posting anything and I blame Facebook for that ,, but every now and then I keep my blog updated.
My sister helped me set up my blog,, found a managed web hosting site and visited other blogs .
Blogging is enjoyable and gives me so much inspiration and ideas .


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