Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hurrying Up

As we are built our house we are slowly moving on .. as an owner builder ,, we have the task of finding good tradesmen ,, and believe me its hard to find one...

We sometimes look online finding people around our area there is a to check for , we also ask friends for recommendations , local paper or TV ads .
Specially with the end of the year when most of the tradesmen are busy and will soon be on a holiday its hard to chase them to do a job,,,
We are pushing hard to finish the house before Christmas ,, even if not fully finished but is livable with all necessary amenities...
Its hard to rent ... every week we have to fork out weekly rent and its not cheap eyy..

I just want to start and moving things if I can,,, but there are heaps of things to do ,,, just patiently waiting here .........


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