Sunday, September 12, 2010

Warming up ....

Now that it is warming here in Oz,,, cant help but feel happy knowing that we can all enjoy the warm days and be able to go the park , enjoy picnics, go for a swim go on a nice holiday,, ahhh to be able to relax , unwind,, lie on a massage table having a relaxing massage at the spa , go for a bike ride and enjoy all the Fun activities outdoors.

I will soon start to sort out my kids clothes,,, time to pack away all the bulky jackets and jumpers that is taking up most of the wardrobe space . Purge some clothing that needed to be given away for charity or to pass on to friends . So it means , its time to buy new season clothes and shoes.

I went outside scratching my head while looking at the massive winter weeds in my garden ,,... time to spray ,,weed out and fertilize and too bad ,, I am not a garden person but I have to do anyway ,, since we are renting at the moment and the owner would be checking out if we are maintaining the garden...

Anyway,, I looked at the week's weather forecast and it will be sunny the whole week ,, so it means I have time to do it ... so its going to be a Busy week!!

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