Saturday, September 18, 2010

Turning forty ....

On November it would be a big event for me... I'm turning 40 !!! Oh my,,,,, I just felt old when I announced to the blog world that I am turning 40!!!

My hubby turned 40 last June and I made a really special surprise party and celebration for him... But now its my turn,, I really don't know if Hubby is going to return the favour by making a special stuff for me on my birthday.... I am clueless ..... We are building house at the moment and with all the expenses that we are making I don't know if we can spend / use the money stashed away for the house...
Hmmm,, I just wanted to have a lil gathering with all my closest friends and I'm not fussy with gifts,,, since there are sales everywhere ,, where prices are down up to 70% ,, whoaa that is really a good bargain,, just like going on a Black Friday discounts ,, anyway,,, gifts or no gifts I am happy to be with my loved ones and friends....
FORTY...... whoaaa,,, what a milestone!!!!


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