Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mirror mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall,,, Who's the fairest of them all???

WEll,, I know for sure that it wont be ME... sad sad sobbing and whinging......... OK with all the potions and lotions in the market ,, its is so daunting and confusing to choose which product to choose from ..

Different companies claim that they have the best wrinkle cream ,anti ageing serum, eye cream that will blast away the wrinkles around the eyes and so on and so on ......

Just like the other night when Hubby and I were watching TV he just commented on how many ads on TV about creams, beauty products and everything,, he said that "are women that ugly to be bombarded with too much beauty products.... I just told him that women are more conscious about their appearances thats why ....
But it is true too much to choose from.... they always say that most important is the beauty from within ... true but sadly not everyone thinks about that way..... I sometimes dont....


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