Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to be fit???

Ahh,,, What a glorious Spring weather we had today !!!!! It was nice and warm and I bet yah that most of the people are out doing something outdoors,, Doing sports,, walking, gardening or just going to the park , it's the best day to go out and do something and get fit at the same time , with all those winter fats that I accumulated I just wanted to know how to how to burn belly fat fast !!!!
New season clothes had been displayed at the shops already and seeing all those nice clothes , makes me get motivated to get buffed... I am doing Zumba classes once a week ,, but I guess that is not even enough to get me fit ,,, I definitely will have to do some more exercising and eat the right food ,, but unfortunately what we had for dinner tonight was a succulent KFC chicken... yummm,,,, but a failure for me... :-(

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