Friday, September 3, 2010

Building Progress

This is the latest progress for our house ... Ahhh,,, if only I have a magic wand I can just build it in a wink,,,,, yeahhhh since my hubby is the owner builder ,, the process is a bit slower than the having a company to build it for us ,,,, we drew that plan for the house and most of the things that we wanted are lots of storage ,, big hallway and good size rooms and a massive Al Fresco area ,, we are getting so excited seeing the frame for the walls because we can see how big the area is going to be ,,, love the outdoor area and we are already having visions about the place,, with outdoor kitchen, big table , TV outside, maybe Casablanca ceiling fans , barbecue area and a seating place .... ahhh,,,, cant wait for it,,, since its Spring time already ,, we are hoping by Summer we will be finished and be chilling out in that place.....

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