Monday, September 20, 2010

Acne face

I never realised that even at my age I would still have a case of acne... arrgggg,, I am fuming because I have big pimples here , there and everywhere.. The bad part is when it dried up it would end up a noticeable scars that I hated.... I have enough freckle on my face anymore and I don't want acne scars!!!
I've been reading about best acne treatments ,,, facial wash, creams and all sorts of lotion and potions ..... I really need to make this face clear,, the fact that I am almost hitting the big 4 0 and don't want to look like a breaking out teenager ....
I have a teenager myself and I've seen her worst face that was full of acne.. It was so self conscious about it ,, but good thing we went straight to our GP and was given a recommendation to a dermatologist and now she is better and beautiful,, I guess I need to see that doctor too and find out why I'm having break outs...

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