Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slow process of building

While hubby is busy organizing people in our building site ,, I went to our workplace, hubby told me to go to work and just oversee everything and making sure that the workers are working , we have a secretary who is very reliable and trustworthy , we order stuff from wholesale distributors and I pay the bills every month ,, so I handle all the money and do the net banking , so I can keep up with all the expenses and .

But its hard when hubby is not at work , because most of the decision is made by him and since he is the big boss,, everyone wants to talk or deal with him,, either to get a good deal or just to talk about the job..
Th only thing I can do at the moment is to be there and help the secretary with the filing and paperwork and by doing so ,, I can make a big difference.
Since the process of our building a house is so slow,, it will took a long time to finish it and making us eager ...


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