Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slowly Building

AS we slowly build our house ,,,, the excitement of seeing it slowly forming is uncontainable... We visit the building site everyday and check on the progress,,, it must be slow ,, even though we wanted to move in by December ,, we are crossing our fingers for it...

There are some hurdles and problems encountered along the way ,, but we are hoping that everything will be OK,, it is also expensive building ,, with expenses here and there ,, we are tightening our budget ,, we just work on our budget and try to find some alternative solution or products just to stay in the budget ,, I know its hard because we like nice stuff but I guess we have to be practical about it ...
With the expenses looming up ,, I guess our lifestyle will change ,, no more expensive holidays,,, ahh,,, I guess we cannot do the Branson vacations this year ,, or the USA trip ,, anyway,, we have to finish the house soon and from then on we can start again ...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting ready to be scared

Ahh time so fast ,, here in Oz ,, we can already feel the warmth of Spring,,, ahhh it would be such a welcome for us ,, I love Spring ,,,

and soon after that the next occasion would be Halloween,,, my kids love to dress up during Halloween,,, its is not a big thing here as in America but I know its a huge celebration... We also do trick or treat and kids are getting dressed up for the event ,, thats why most of the shops here are now displaying / selling Halloween costumes .
I think I have to get some new costumes for the kids ,,, they are always dressed up as SpiderMan for my boy and Princess fairy for my girl ,,, hmmm,, needed something new ,, How about these scary costumes????

Love them and might order them.....

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slow process of building

While hubby is busy organizing people in our building site ,, I went to our workplace, hubby told me to go to work and just oversee everything and making sure that the workers are working , we have a secretary who is very reliable and trustworthy , we order stuff from wholesale distributors and I pay the bills every month ,, so I handle all the money and do the net banking , so I can keep up with all the expenses and .

But its hard when hubby is not at work , because most of the decision is made by him and since he is the big boss,, everyone wants to talk or deal with him,, either to get a good deal or just to talk about the job..
Th only thing I can do at the moment is to be there and help the secretary with the filing and paperwork and by doing so ,, I can make a big difference.
Since the process of our building a house is so slow,, it will took a long time to finish it and making us eager ...

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