Thursday, July 15, 2010

Watched a good show

We went to watch the show WICKED the other day in Sydney, we braved the cold weather,, It was windy and chilly,, but I know its always cold in the city anyway..
The kids were all rugged up , they don't like the extreme coldness,, especially my boy, who is prone to eczema,, sometimes they just flare up , I tried everything and even looked up at for remedy .
Anyway,, back to the show,, WICKED is a spectacular show!!!

The shows being going on for a year now and was glad that we decided to watch it ..
It's a school holiday here and we just thought that it would be great to take the kids out and watch a show ,, not knowing how good the show is., Heard about it and now I know how good it was..
The Sydney show will finished on September and will be staged in Brisbane by January 2011, and the buzz its creating there is overwhelming ...
So,, good thing we did not miss this show!!!

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