Saturday, July 3, 2010


My old classmate from HS who just arrived here in Oz is getting married soon to her fiancee that is based in Qld, I was chatting with her the other day with her and she was excited to tell me that she will get married on July 30th ,, but it would be just a simple wedding only close family and friends are going to attend the said occasion, it would be a civil wedding ,, no fancy stuff and no big worries,, no need for personalized gifts for bridesmaids , big cake,, big reception and all the razzle dazzle ,, all she wanted is to marry the man of her dreams and have a good life with him...

I was invited , but it would be a pity because I cannot make it on that day , so I told her that I will just in keep in touch with here and if I have time to go interstate I will contact her ,,I just want her to be happy and wishing all the best..

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