Thursday, July 8, 2010

I dont want a reaction

I am very wary when it comes to creams and moisturiser for my face,, I learned a hard lesson when I developed an allergic reaction to a certain product ,It was nasty and itchy and embarrassing at the same time ,, So even though I wanted to find a the best solution on how to get rid of blackheads ,, I am still cautious with all the range of products in the market..

I would watch heaps of beauty gurus online and I know some of them rave about certain products but what's important is to test the product first ,, especially my skin which is very sensitive and prone to allergy..
So now ,, if there is a tester , I would test it first walk around and see if there is an initial reaction to the product ,, then come back and purchase the product .
I know ,, we all wanted a special potion to make ourselves flawless and beautiful ,, but hey it pays to be cautious ....

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