Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hooked on TV show

My family is addicted to watching MasterChef Australia,, we've watched the show since it started and now that they only have almost 1 week left to go before the grand finals .

I've learned so much from the show, not only that it is entertaining , it is also an informative show which has a biggest rating on television here in Oz ,,

Sometimes, I go online to get some recipes or they also have it at Coles where they give out free leaflets of a certain recipe which the contestant cooked ,,, I know some of the recipe are not meant to reduce belly fat , but I cant help it ,, some of the dishes are amazing and to die for..

yeah after getting hooked on the Biggest Loser and loving some of the fate free recipes ,, this time the rich and calorie loaded recipes are my new fave...
But anyway,, I just love the show and wishing everyone from the show all the best....


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