Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Whenever I take my kids to our local shops , we always have to pass by EB games and look at all the games that is on sale ,, they always have sale on playstation 3 console/ games, Wii, Nintendo Ds, Xbox and PSP and all the latest technology and gadgets ..
My kids have DS games and playstation but I dont want to upgrade yet , since we have tons of games for playstation 2 and I don't want to waste them buy buying a new console ,, my boy enjoys his games and love playing them ,sometimes I would buy them a pre owned game which is really cheap and works perfectly , dont need to buy a new game since I know my would would just scratch some of the games anyway..
But I noticed that every year,, new console is being introduced,, I was wondering how can we cope up with the changing times??

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