Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crunch time

Its Tax time again and people are getting busy organizing stuff to lodge their taxes. Have to go through all my files and paper work to start putting them together to be given to our accountant ..
I've been looking at my paper work the other day and was thinking about getting a life insurance , , have papers and brochures about term life insurance rates and still figuring out if I should get one...
Anyway, I have to look through our finances and find out if I can afford it,, Need to have a finance check up to get everything in control ..
So that means no more extra spending and stay in the budget ,, I know its hard , with 3 kids and around,, buy this , buy that ,, do this ,, do that ,, that is where the budget goes!! Poof!!!!!
But ,, I guess,, I really have to put a tight hold on expenses before it goes too far...

Tax time and crunch time as they say.....

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