Wednesday, July 28, 2010

End of season

End of season sale is on again and this is the best time to buy men's clothing , women's apparel, bags, shoes and even cosmetics.

I like a good bargain and this is the best time to buy it... during the end of the season,,, now that they are changing the winter clothes into Spring time.. I am loving the coming trend and fashion ,, as I always say Bring on the Heat!!!!! To much bulky clothes during Winter ,, its better during Summer ,, easy and anything comfortable..
We wanted to go outdoors and enjoy the sunshine ,, so it would be Fun for the kids.

Cant wait for Summer!!!!


Whenever I take my kids to our local shops , we always have to pass by EB games and look at all the games that is on sale ,, they always have sale on playstation 3 console/ games, Wii, Nintendo Ds, Xbox and PSP and all the latest technology and gadgets ..

My kids have DS games and playstation but I dont want to upgrade yet , since we have tons of games for playstation 2 and I don't want to waste them buy buying a new console ,, my boy enjoys his games and love playing them ,sometimes I would buy them a pre owned game which is really cheap and works perfectly , dont need to buy a new game since I know my would would just scratch some of the games anyway..
But I noticed that every year,, new console is being introduced,, I was wondering how can we cope up with the changing times??

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crunch time

Its Tax time again and people are getting busy organizing stuff to lodge their taxes. Have to go through all my files and paper work to start putting them together to be given to our accountant ..

I've been looking at my paper work the other day and was thinking about getting a life insurance , , have papers and brochures about term life insurance rates and still figuring out if I should get one...
Anyway, I have to look through our finances and find out if I can afford it,, Need to have a finance check up to get everything in control ..
So that means no more extra spending and stay in the budget ,, I know its hard , with 3 kids and around,, buy this , buy that ,, do this ,, do that ,, that is where the budget goes!! Poof!!!!!
But ,, I guess,, I really have to put a tight hold on expenses before it goes too far...

Tax time and crunch time as they say.....

Watched a good show

We went to watch the show WICKED the other day in Sydney, we braved the cold weather,, It was windy and chilly,, but I know its always cold in the city anyway..

The kids were all rugged up , they don't like the extreme coldness,, especially my boy, who is prone to eczema,, sometimes they just flare up , I tried everything and even looked up at for remedy .
Anyway,, back to the show,, WICKED is a spectacular show!!!

The shows being going on for a year now and was glad that we decided to watch it ..
It's a school holiday here and we just thought that it would be great to take the kids out and watch a show ,, not knowing how good the show is., Heard about it and now I know how good it was..
The Sydney show will finished on September and will be staged in Brisbane by January 2011, and the buzz its creating there is overwhelming ...
So,, good thing we did not miss this show!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hooked on TV show

My family is addicted to watching MasterChef Australia,, we've watched the show since it started and now that they only have almost 1 week left to go before the grand finals .

I've learned so much from the show, not only that it is entertaining , it is also an informative show which has a biggest rating on television here in Oz ,,

Sometimes, I go online to get some recipes or they also have it at Coles where they give out free leaflets of a certain recipe which the contestant cooked ,,, I know some of the recipe are not meant to reduce belly fat , but I cant help it ,, some of the dishes are amazing and to die for..

yeah after getting hooked on the Biggest Loser and loving some of the fate free recipes ,, this time the rich and calorie loaded recipes are my new fave...
But anyway,, I just love the show and wishing everyone from the show all the best....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I dont want a reaction

I am very wary when it comes to creams and moisturiser for my face,, I learned a hard lesson when I developed an allergic reaction to a certain product ,It was nasty and itchy and embarrassing at the same time ,, So even though I wanted to find a the best solution on how to get rid of blackheads ,, I am still cautious with all the range of products in the market..

I would watch heaps of beauty gurus online and I know some of them rave about certain products but what's important is to test the product first ,, especially my skin which is very sensitive and prone to allergy..
So now ,, if there is a tester , I would test it first walk around and see if there is an initial reaction to the product ,, then come back and purchase the product .
I know ,, we all wanted a special potion to make ourselves flawless and beautiful ,, but hey it pays to be cautious ....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ahhh,, This cold weather in Oz make me go to bed and snuggle all day ..Last week i was the coldest morning that we ever felt..

Woke up in a blanket of ice everywhere.. I live across a golf club and my window is facing the beautiful golf course and would you believe that I was waken up by the sound of the golf ball being hit,, Are you kidding me??? There are brave people playing golf at 7:30 on an icy grass and freezing temperature!!!
Ahh,, I would rather stay in my warm bed,, its nice to go to sleep when its cold and I love sleeping and never had a hard time falling asleep ,, just give me a pillow and I'll start snoring ,, no need for sleep aids .. Dream away ......

Looking after myself

Its been months now and as I mentioned before about my hair loss and although I still suffer from hair loss , it is not as bad as before ...

I've been following some remedies on how to avoid it like avoiding constant chemicals for hair,, I used to lighten my hair every 4 months ,, but I decided that enough is enough,, I just kept my natural black hair now,, no more hair coloring treatment for me.
I also use a hair treatment conditioning every week ,which has keratin and coconut oil ,
I use a hair growth shampoo click here to see it and use a wide tooth comb and wash my hair every 2nd day , trying to eat healthy and lots of water for hydration ..
I just hope that I can keep my hair shiny and healthy like it was before , so it was a conscious effort to do things right ...

Broken Car

Ahh its is such a pain knowing my hubby's car which is only 3 YEARS old broke down ,, yeah totally a wasted car.. NISSAN Navarra is a lemon car!!!!!!!!! we bought it brand new and a week after the 3 year warranty ran off the car broke!!! Husband contacted Nissan but they would not give us consideration knowing their car is defective...

We could have extended our insurance, there are heaps of cheap car insurance around the market ,, but unfortunatley we did not extend it ..

We just want the car to be fixed and then get rid of it ,, I've got a Nissan Xtrail and my hubby is contemplating on selling it ,, just hating the NISSAN at the moment ...

Saturday, July 3, 2010


My old classmate from HS who just arrived here in Oz is getting married soon to her fiancee that is based in Qld, I was chatting with her the other day with her and she was excited to tell me that she will get married on July 30th ,, but it would be just a simple wedding only close family and friends are going to attend the said occasion, it would be a civil wedding ,, no fancy stuff and no big worries,, no need for personalized gifts for bridesmaids , big cake,, big reception and all the razzle dazzle ,, all she wanted is to marry the man of her dreams and have a good life with him...

I was invited , but it would be a pity because I cannot make it on that day , so I told her that I will just in keep in touch with here and if I have time to go interstate I will contact her ,,I just want her to be happy and wishing all the best..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What to do

Its school holiday again next week and some of my friends are going on a holiday ,, I know a couple who are planning to go around Australia using a caravan,,, I once went with them to look around the caravan show , there are heaps of nice rv for sale and they were having a hard time choosing the best and a few weeks ago she rang me and informed me that they already bought an rv,,,she was ecstatic and already planning their journey...

That would be exciting,,maybe when we my hubby and I are already retired and can afford to travel that way ,, we would love to go around Oz too but in the meantime we are not going to travel yet,, our firs priority is our dream home ,, so it will take a long time for us to go and have a vacation , but I don't mind ,, I just wanted the house to be finished .

School holiday and I'm just going to enjoy it with the kids ,,nice and quiet .. hopefully......

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