Friday, June 18, 2010

Want to go on a holiday

Haaa,,, its getting cold!!!! Here in Oz its the best time to cuddle up and go on a warm bed....

Things that remind me of winter in Australia is going to Canberra,, I don't know why ???

It is colder there and visiting Canberra during winter is FUN... The crisp air that blows to your face ,, the places to visit .. I love going there .. mu kids love to go to the Questacon and explore the place,, my hubby love to go to the National Mint and get those gold coins collectibles,, for me I like to go to museum .. There are heaps of place to dine in ,, cafe and luxury restaurant ,, even just to walk around the area,, but don't forget to visit the Parliament house....

Ahh,,, I just want to pack our bags and go to Canberra.....!!! Hmmm ,, maybe I should wait for Spring for the festival????


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